10 DO’S AND DONT’S FOR DEPRESSION (How to Deal with Depression)

10 DO’S AND DONT’S FOR DEPRESSION (How to Deal with Depression)

there are some things that you should
never do when you’re going through depression and some things that can help
you get out of depression so in this video we’re gonna give the 10 do’s and
don’ts of depression so stay tuned what is everybody this is Chris from the
rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and
this week we are continuing our deep dives into a specific mental health
topic and this week we’re talking about depression depression is something that
a ton of people struggle with in many different forms whether it’s clinical
depression if it’s based on genetics or the way your brain is wired or it’s just
situational with your life and you’re going through a depression right now we
need to talk about it and here’s the do’s and don’ts don’t isolate I have
talked about this before the analogy I give is isolating when you’re depressed
is like locking yourself in the room with the killer in a horror movie you
know what I mean like this is the bad guy when we’re depress you go hang out
with some friends some family some people who care about you whether that’s
your parents or your friends or your kids or your spouse hang out with some
people whose positivity can help lift you up don’t watch the news or
depressing movies oh boy was I guilty of this there’s something about when we
feel depressed we just want to sink lower into that depression and then like
just browsing through the news the news is meant to be depressing
they sensationalized saying they talk about how terrible the world is and
stuff like that like if you’re going through a depression just have a news
blackout for yourself all right and stay away from the sad sad sad
movies do something that you enjoy something that brings you happiness this
can be video games it could be drawing it could be writing it could be putting
together a model airplane whatever your thing is do something that you enjoy
when you have a hobby or activity something that you’re passionate about
it helps to boost neurotransmitters in your brain and don’t listen to
depressing music oh boy this is another thing I was guilty of all
like I would go through like a breakup or just have a bad day or my depression
was just hitting me and I would just sit there and listen to the saddest saddest
music out there that would just make things worse do create a go to
depression playlist like make a playlist on Spotify or whatever you use I have
one myself of just like the most upbeat happy songs like I call these my happy
songs and maybe someday I’ll share with you some of the tracks on there but like
these might be from a better time in your life like I know for me like you
know when I was like carefree in high school and stuff like that like so
there’s like a lot of like R&B on there there’s some old like pop punk there’s a
like skate punk there’s all sorts of stuff even just pop music you know what
I mean yeah I even get down with some Backstreet Boys and NSYNC lifts me right
up don’t worry and I know how silly this sounds I know it’s easier said than done
but what happens is is when you’re stuck in your thoughts and you’re worried
about all these negative outcomes what it’s doing is it’s actually rewiring
your brain to actually intensify your negative bias a negative bias is your
ability to point out the negative in every situation the brain is wired to do
that the brain focuses on and sees whatever you’re training at to see you
create a gratitude list this is the simplest thing I can tell you to do that
is the most beneficial there have been studies that show people who keep a
gratitude list for even two weeks two weeks they have decreases of depression
by upwards of eighty percent think about that just five things a day
write them down it could be in the morning it could be at night whatever it
is and it doesn’t have to be like huge things like grateful for having a roof
over your head grateful for a job grateful for being
able to buy food grateful for seeing your friends hey grateful for Technology
grateful that you get to check out my youtube videos whatever it is write down
five things a day because what this does it helps your brain start focusing on
the positive so this actually helps you become more optimistic and lastly don’t
focus on the problem do focus on the solution because that’s what we do here
at the rewired soul there are a million different reasons why I start out
every single video with we talk about the problem but focus on the solution
staying in the problem never helped anybody all right I will link up in the
info card a video I did a long time ago about the pity party and it’s my
personal method like sit be sat for a little bit but then go out and do
something like I’m gonna make a video later this week I’ve been struggling
with depression for the last couple weeks and like basically I have this
entire toolbox of mental health tools a lot of things that I provide all of you
and when I’m in that depression I just start reaching in there and pulling out
different things focus on the solution find solution based things that you can
start doing to start getting out of that depression don’t stay in the problem
everybody but you know what I want to hear from you I want to hear from you
leave comments down below let me know what are the things that you do to pull
yourself out of depression and if you want
why don’t you list some don’ts that I missed okay leave those down in the
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thank you so much for watching be sure to remember the things you don’t do when
you’re depressed and I’ll see you next time

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