3 Ways To Conquer Social Anxiety at Bars, Clubs, & Parties

3 Ways To Conquer Social Anxiety at Bars, Clubs, & Parties

I’m waiting for Brittany and her friend. We’re about to go to an event that is going
to be promoting their new IPA beer. I have no idea what it is, but we’re here,
we’re out and we’re having some fun. It’s Wednesday night right now, and I gotta
go out from the house and do some fun. Check this out. See how it is. It’s pretty cool. If you have this app called “Surkus”,
you can use it to go to events, to invite you to special events. This is not an advertisement, just letting
you know I use this app in Los Angeles. If you live in any big city, they should have
it there were the events that are happening in the city, you’ll get invited. You get to go to more cool events if you end
up showing a good attendance rate. Check it out! I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera in because
it’s a big DSLR camera. I took some footage of the place that I was
at with Brittany and her friend using Brittany’s phone because she has a lot nicer camera than
I do. One thing I was thinking about, can it be
difficult for guys who are shy to be able to feel comfortable in a very intense environment? We’re in a very intense environment tonight,
but I think it’s all relative to a guy who is very shy, reserved, might see the place
that we were at tonight is very intense and overwhelming. It can be much more difficult to be able to
socialize and meet people on an atmosphere like this. I want to give you a couple of tips that can
help you out. One of the things you have to remember is
when you walk into an environment that’s intense, whether it’s a club, a bar or a party, or
any kind of social atmosphere, the feelings that you’re getting in terms of feeling a
little more reserved, scared, self conscious, you’re reflecting a lot on how you’re acting,
looking, and talking. I want you to remember that other people,
guys and girls are feeling the exact same way as you. I don’t think that we think about that as
much. I think we are so stuck in our heads, that
we don’t think about what other people are thinking. You don’t forget that you are alongside other
humans. Other people are going to be self conscious,
they’re going to be shy, they’re gonna be thinking about themselves. Don’t go into an environment like this and
think that every single person is looking at you and focusing only on you. A lot of us are doing the same thing. We’re thinking about ourselves, focusing on
ourselves. Not all of the attention is on you where you
may think it is when you walk into an environment like this. Another tip I want to give you is if you’re
going into an environment that’s intense, and you get overwhelmed, and you think like,
how am I going to talk to anyone? How am I going to start to socialize? Focus on one goal at a time. If I were you and you were to go into an environment
that’s overwhelming, think about one person you can talk to. One conversation you can have, instead of
thinking that, we’re gonna have to go in and socialize with the whole part, you don’t have
to do that. You’re going to have multiple opportunities
to be able to go out and meet people. Think about maybe one person that you can
talk to. If you can do that by the end of the night,
then you have succeeded. We just came into Mel’s diner, having a little
after event snack, because we’re hungry. Another tip I want to give you for social
anxiety, that feeling anxious or nervous when you’re in a heavy social environment is, the
longer that you take to start a conversation with someone, the harder it’s going to get,
it’s going to get exponentially harder. That’s what happens when you walk into a place
and you fear going up and having a conversation with someone, every minute that goes by, it
gets harder and harder. If you haven’t talked to him within 15 minutes,
it’s going to be the hardest it’s ever going to be. My tip to you is the second you enter a venue
where you want to socialize with, once you meet a girl, you need to go up and start talking
to anyone as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s the bouncer. It doesn’t matter if it’s even the friend
next to you, but ideally, it’s a stranger. Anyone you can start a conversation right
away. That is going to loosen up the social muscles. That’s what needs to happen. It’s like warming up before you go to work
out. You need to warm up here too, as fast as you
can get into a conversation with anyone. Brittany said something very interesting. We’ve been having a conversation here while
we’re eating our food, talking about social anxiety. She’s been talking with a therapist, and she’s
been talking about the fact that when you feel anxiety, when you feel an uncomfortable
feeling, or negative emotion, you say thank you. What we try to do is we try to resist the
bad feelings and what happens when you resist the negative feelings is that you end up bringing
them more to the surface and compounding that feeling. In order to try to get rid of a negative emotion
because that’s what you’re trying to do, accept it and feel it. Stay mindful. Feel it. Be in the moment of what it feels like, accept
it, and even say to yourself as an emotion, thank you. Thank you for coming off and telling you something
that’s important. The more you try to resist the feelings that
are coming up, the harder it’s going to be. Experience it and make it part of you and
flow through it, instead of against it.

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  1. Thank You, Tripp! Thank You for helping me to be a bettter conversationalist, a better man, and a better humanbeing! I gleam so much from your advice and I support you! Much Love My Brother! <3

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