Cluster Headache Treatment

Cluster Headache Treatment

Hi I’m Dr. Jeff Turner at Texas Migraine
Clinic. If you experience Cluster Headaches,
chances are, you suffer from ridiculously intense pain in one eye, eye tearing, and
redness and perhaps even swelling around your eye, as well as a stuffy nose on the
same side as your eye pain, and sometimes major pain, in other face and head areas
on that same side. the pain might get so intense that you may find yourself
pacing the floor sitting and rocking back and forth in agony. There’s a reason
that many refer to them as “Suicide Headaches” they’re not only frequent, but
they’re unbearable. If you’re ready for something more than just relief for your
cluster headaches, then take the quiz, below, to see if you’re a candidate for
our advanced treatment; because once we reverse your head and facial symptoms, we
can then, very likely, get you permanent relief so that you don’t get Cluster
Headaches ever again. In other words, we have consistent success reversing these
problems with a natural system that’s both fast and lasting; and it doesn’t
require medication injection surgery or ongoing therapies. It’s routine that the
Cluster Headache symptoms rapidly become less frequent, less intense, then
progressively absent altogether as healing occurs. Thanks.

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  1. I am a retired Police Officer. About six years ago I had a brain aneurysm. They caught it in time and I had five clips placed in my head. Shortly after the surgery I started having these insane head pains (I don't like to refer to them as headaches because they are just NOT headaches). Anything would set them off. They usually lasted aprox. 20 minutes and happened around three to four times a day randomly. I thought it was just part of the recovery. After a few months I went back to the neurosurgeon and asked why this was happening. They did every test they could including a spinal tap to make sure I didn't have any infections on my brain. All CAT scans, MRI's blood work were negative. He said I was fine and was just having migraines. His nurse said that I just had to deal with my new "quality of life". Anyone who suffers from Cluster "THE BEAST" knows the difference between a migraine and a cluster. I left his office and started seeking help from multiple neurologists in the Westchester County area and Manhattan. I even went to a physician named Mark Green (Headache specialist) who doesn't take insurance. I paid 500.00 a visit. I was soooooo desperate for an answer. I had occipital nerve blocks, some kind of laser (knew technology at the time) placed inside my mouth to try and numb the area, all kinds of medications that made me sicker and nothing at all worked. I went for one more visit to Dr. Green and told him that I couldn't handle this any longer. I just wasn't sure what was next for me. This was a Friday afternoon. On Monday morning the neurosurgeon that performed my initial surgery called me. This is now 8 months later so this was out of the blue. He asked me how I was feeling. My bet is that Dr. Green called him to ask about me and told him how I was feeling. I told the surgeon everything and he sent me back into the hospital for additional tests. All repeats tests of course but I had them done anyway. They did one more spinal tap and right after the test was completed, I couldn't stand up. This was a different kind of a headache. He said you have a spinal leak and need a blood patch. His thought was that the leak just happened during the testing that same day. Long story short, from the moment they gave me the blood patch I have never had another one of those episodes. I tried posting this information years ago but no one really heard me. The reason I started back on social media was because I had a Gastroenterology that saw me 6 years ago in the hospital. He recently called me and asked me how those headaches stopped. He remembered my case. I told him the story and that I believe that the the blood patch is the answer to this horrible disease. He was confused. I'm sure medically it doesn't make sense but he believed me and pushed the issue. He asked a hospital that he is affiliated with to do the blood patch on his friend and they refused and said she did not need one. He went to another hospital and for whatever reason they gave this woman the patch. IT WORKED!! She was so grateful to him and I also was grateful that he believed me. He did say that he can't believe that all these neurologist don't have this information. He is GI doctor and will probably not investigate any further. I'm sure he will help anyone that he hears has these same issues but in the end everyone is busy and we fall by the waste side. Something this simple could be helping people all over the world. If it didn't work on someone else I would just keep this story to myself. But it did and I want people to stop suffering and more importantly stop someone from ending their life over this. It is called the SUICIDE disease for a reason. I will keep trying until someone hears me. Good luck everyone.

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