Dealing With Stress While Coding

Dealing With Stress While Coding

Hi! This is the Daily Overpass! My name is
Eric and I make apps! Now today, I want to talk about dealing with stress while
coding. Okay, so it is a cold morning here today in
England. Yeah, it is oooh, it’s brisk. I forgot to bring my
gloves this morning. But this morning, I thought I would answer a question that
came in last week, last Sunday, from Jomel Dumaran and it was just a
really simple one. How do you deal with stress while coding? Now, I was
thinking about this is something we all deal with. We all deal with stress while coding. I was trying to think what you actually meant by that because
there’s different – there’s different ways, there’s like stress on a project,
we have a project that’s going badly and dude, I could tell you some stories. And
I’m sure that I wil. Times where you just think this is not gonna work. This
is a train wreck. Everything’s going completely wrong and
there are times where it’s just the day-to-day stress of all coding. There’s a few reasons why you have this kind of stress. Number one is you
have like a really tight deadline and you need to get something done and you
just have to you know you’re “I just need to get this done!” Or you have a
bug and if you have a bug and you know somebody can point it out to
you or you just find it yourself and you could spend, you can spend five minutes fixing that bugs, or you can spend ten hours or 20
hours or this thing that keeps going on and on again. It drives you crazy and
sometimes, you just have stuff that just doesn’t work the way that it should.
You’ve done everything , you’re supposed to and for whatever reason it’s not
working. And if it’s – if the stress is due to really tight time constraints,
like you have a really tight deadline, a lot of times you can’t do a lot of the
things that really help me out. Like for me getting some exercise helps and I
know it, you know, it’s just going for a walk sometimes is all you have to do.
Sometimes and but mostly it’s just getting away from the code. For me,
the amount of times I fix things while I’ve gone to the bathroom
and I just carried – got away from it, got away from the code because I was
too close to it. I was too stressed and I just wanted – I wanted to throw the
computer out the window. I mean, just really angry. I mean, I’ll sit there in the office by myself and swear and curse and whoa! Just you know and you know, luckily there’s nobody else in there usually, Although there will be very soon. So you know, they’ll have this. I’ll be walking to the bathroom and I’ll
be thinking God, you know, I’ve checked everything. I can’t figure out why this
things – I’ve fixed everything, anything, but when did this
problem first occur and then all you all start going back in my head, and I’ll say,
‘No, hang on a second. This wasn’t ever…” Because most the time, if it’s a bug, it’s
usually you see there’s something’s change of the code or something
environmental, there’s nothing else. This is either something’s changing the
environment like an update to the platform or whatever, the internet
connection was there and it’s not there, blah, blah, blah. Or it’s something in the
code where you made a one little change somewhere and you cannot comprehend
how it would affect this other thing, but you have to work your way back through
that. So for those of you who don’t know what it’s like to have a bug,
and to be really stressed by it. If you have to watch the movie
Christmas Vacation, so if you ever seen the movie Christmas Vacation with Chevy
Chase, now his life whose Christmas Vacation, one of my favorite Christmas
movies. Well, there’s this part where he goes out and he sets up this huge
Christmas light display at the house like he does. Everything over the top, so
he goes all these lights and all these decorations and it’s the biggest thing
on the whole neighborhood. And everything all over the roof, the whole house is
covered in lights and he has this big celebration with the family. They all
come up there shivering, kind of like I am to this morning, and he says, you know already he was gonna push the button, Alleluia!” (shoo!) and then nothing happens. And he does it again and again and then he just tries a few more things
pretty logical, and then he completely loses it. He just like starts kicking
things and he’s punching the Santa Claus and everything like that. And then like a few – like a few days later they’re coming out. He
still trying to figure out what it is. They said, “Don’t you come on inside. Just
know I can’t figure out what it is. I honestly can’t. Like
anybody else.” Well, maybe it’s a loose ball because I’ve manually checked every
bulb. And then and hit later how somebody walks into like the like like
some laundry room or something and flips on a switch to get the light and then
the whole house lights up it was just a switch right and then she switches it
off and he loses it again because it can’t figure out what it was all right
that’s what it’s like when you’re when you’re searching for a bug
sometimes it’s just something really small and you if you’re too close to it
if you don’t get away from it because the stress and everything you will tear
that code apart right you will completely you know and I’ve done this
I’ve done this work you know this is why get and source code repositories are
really important because you know when you’re really under the gun you will you
will change everything you’ll say I have no idea why this is not working now
where it was working yesterday but it’s obviously I need to change the entire
way this is done obviously I need to add this at this and you’ll go down these
forums and you’ll get all these red herrings and tell you all this other
kind of stuff so it can be stressful coding don’t let anybody fool you but
you know for me the biggest thing is just to get away from it get away from
it and as much as you can because I know I’ve gone home from work thinking about
the bugs I got home from work thing about you know this thing and people are
you angry about something oh no no no no I’m fine. There’s just this thing at work.
So anyway, oh yeah, I know that doesn’t help. Well, get away from it. Do some
exercise if you can. I know that sounds corny, but it really helps me. And anyway, that’s it for today. I’ll talk to you – oh yeah, what do you, guys, do because I’ve you know your experiences are gonna be different. How do you deal with the
stress of coding or you even feel any stress at all? So anyway, that’s it for
today. I’ll talk to you, guys, tomorrow.

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  1. Very cool video series! And, great advice, "Get away from the code". I come up with some of the best ideas jogging. 👍🏻

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