How could she do this to me?? why am I doing all of this? it is not going to change anything.. what have I even done in life so far? one moment she is with me.. and the next moment she is with someone else.. I am tired of doing all this i feel like a show piece which is not even pretty… there is no progress in my job.. don’t even know if I will be able to sustain this job what do I do…I don’t even have an aim i did everything for her… I gave her my life… and she threw it it meant nothing… WHYYYYYYY!!!! maybe i deserve this… even in school nobody liked me.. why can’t I be pretty like the other girls why do i have to be the ugly one? i really HATE myself!!!!! school fees…house bills… I can’t even keep Ritu (wife) happy what is the point of living like this….I am good for nothing.. she is right…people like me dont deserve to be happy I have nothing…NOTHING! nothing to give anyone!!!! the guy I like does not even look at me.. and those who come to see me dont want to marry me.. why would they?? I am ugly and disgusting! nobody loves me!!! NOBODY will ever love me… even if I die today…nobody will care.. in fact it will be better, the family may get some money and Ritu can also start a new life… SHOULD I JUST END THIS PAIN!! SHOULD I JUST END THIS PAIN!! SHOULD I JUST END THIS PAIN!! Rajiv hi ..hey… what are you doing? umm…nothing… has Neha come yet? she is on the way..coming in some time..we are getting late for work.. we were waiting for you…I am sorry I got late… how are you?..i’ m good…how are you?? good lets go..we are getting late….the taxi is here already…

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