Does it get better? Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar?

Does it get better? Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar?

Hey what’s up I’m Rachel Star schizophrenic so a lot of times people mean well like they do um
especially when another person is having a hard time you know we’re talking about
depression having a hard time with bipolar schizophrenia schizoaffective
pretty much anything I’ll have you’ll just don’t know what to
say um but a common thing that I hear and I think it’s used obviously for any
struggle is it gets better or it will get better why I think this is dangerous
when it comes to mental disorders um my schizophrenia has never gotten better um
in fact it’s gotten like a lot worse I have a lot of people reach out to me you
know that are going through breakdowns whether you’re talking about depression
schizophrenia um suicide all that kind of thing and I’ve never said that to
them I’ve never said it’s gonna get better and because I don’t know and I
don’t want to give someone false hope be like hey you know what it’s gonna get
better one day you’re not gonna have depression one day your schizophrenia is
gonna be like so so manageable like you’re not even gonna notice is there or
you’re gonna be cured maybe a magic pill will come out because it’s like a false
hope and I don’t want to give people that because a lot of people have tried
to say that to me it kind of frustrates me cuz they’ll be like you know it’ll
get better Rachel like it won’t though so a lot times when people message me a lot
of times I even stress it might get worse there’s a very good chance that it
can get worse a lot of times I think I’ve hit rock
bottom on something and then like like the bottom caves in and I’m like oh my
goodness I had no idea we could fall so much further I think something better to
say um is you’ll get stronger my schizophrenia has gotten so much worse
but it’s funny because looking back like the stuff that I thought was bad at like
twenty twenty-one is nothing now Oh like I was so dramatic and just thought my
world was falling apart over like a few hallucinations whereas like now I’m just
hallucinating stop-in in is just humorous because I
was just everything was so horrible back then where I’m like now the schizophrenia is worse but this stuff doesn’t bother me I’ve gotten stronger I’ve
gotten used to it now if you’re thinking especially like
well Rachel you’re talking about hallucinations or what about like things
like depression yeah I know my diff my depressions never gone away um it’s
gotten worse at times I can’t say it’s gotten better oh I say maybe like level
at times um bad and then went back to level constant depression but I can’t
say it ever is I’m like went away um I don’t even really know what that would
feel like I have no idea um I have no idea what it would be like
to go through a day and not want to kill myself and not have like thoughts to do
so like I don’t know um it’s just always there it’s always like just a constant
kind of intrusive thought urge but it doesn’t really bother me I mean it’s
annoying I wish it wasn’t there but I still go to work I still make my videos
I still do do what I do um whereas you know when I was younger that was just
like you know suicide attempts just wanting to hurt myself and just you know
complete breakdowns over it whereas now it’s like that’s just part of my life of
course nobody is like oh I want that to be part of my life um you just get
stronger and just this stuff doesn’t bother you anymore so whatever you’re
going through no I I can’t guarantee you it’s going to get better like I I don’t
know you I don’t know your mental disorder I don’t know the situations in
your life it could totally get way worse but you will get stronger and one day
you’ll look back and almost laugh because this was nothing I’m Rachel
Star thank you so much for watching like subscribe share I don’t know whatever *outtro music* it’s like rachel I don’t want that blubblubblub

One thought on “Does it get better? Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar?”

  1. According to Anatomy of an Epidemic these things had much better long term prognosis before the introduction of psychotropic drugs, like, many more people would be fine after a first episode and be able to return to normal life after having recovered. Unlike today where everyone is mentally disabled. Today they are chronic illnesses, before the drugs not. Not that they didn't exist before the introduction of these drugs, but, yeah.

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