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hello sender miss amber is on the fire truck today with ops through John so it's just you and me today it is good to see you ash boys and girls we are here to talk with you about what to do in case of bad weather and lightning many people get seriously hurt every year from bad weather and lightning let's see what our amazing book can teach us so listen up closely and learn how to be safe first let us talk about being lightning safe most of us like to play outside when the weather is nice but sometimes the weather can suddenly change from bright sunshine to rain it is important to know what to do first run inside and seek shelter there are plenty of things to do inside until the bad weather goes away if you're not at home school or any safe building for instance if you're hiking or on vacation here are some things you should do before going out you should make a lightning safety plan with your parents or group before going anywhere it's a good idea to check what the weather will be like ask an adult to look up the weather report on the computer on TV or in a newspaper when you are outdoors everyone has a job to do one person can be looking for an emergency shelter and another can be looking for dark clouds someone else can be looking for lightning and listening for thunder an adult should always be in charge of when it's time to turn back if you're playing outside and get caught in a storm you should run inside a building or your car with the windows rolled up if there isn't a building or car try to find the lowest place and stay there until storm has passed you should get into lightning safety position it's easy squat down near the ground with your heels touching and put your hands over your ears when swimming and you hear thunder or see lightning you must get out of the water and seek shelter if you are out in a boat try to come to shore before the bad weather starts during a lightning storm it's best to avoid any water or metal as they both conduct electricity stay away from puddles close lines and fences drop your backpack as it may contain metal while in your house during a lightning storm do not use your computer or phone lightning can travel through the wires do not wash your hands or take a shower or bath during a lightning storm water conducts electricity never go under a tree or near an electric pole or flagpole lightning can hit the tree and travel underground and hit you if lightning hits in a lake there may be an explosion and the live electric wires could come down Wow lightning can sure be dangerous yes but if we follow these rules it will help us be safer during a storm let's talk about tornadoes and duck duck like quack quack what do they have to do with tornadoes not that kind of duck cinder duck and cover let's see what the amazing book can teach us about tornado safety let's talk about how to stay safe during a tornado we can do this by remembering the word duck Dee down to the lowest level you under something sturdy si cover your head Kay keep in a shelter until storm has passed down to the lowest level if you have a basement go ahead and go down to the basement if you don't have a basement go to an outdoor storm shelter if that is available I want you to go to the lowest level of your home or wherever you may be once you're on the lowest level I want you to be in the center part of the room going into a bathroom or a closet can help protect you try to get as many walls in between you and the outside as possible now get under something sturdy like a table or underneath a staircase a pull table or maybe a desk something to protect you from that falling debris once you get underneath something sturdy cover your head most people generally utilize their hands and cut them over their head or you could use a blanket or maybe a mattress if you have the room to do that the more protection you can get to cover your head and body the better the most important part is k-keep in shelter until storm has passed whenever we are dealing with a storm a tornado is the last thing to move through first you are going to experience light rain then some heavier rain with possible small hail very heavy rain with larger hail will follow but then all of a sudden it's going to stop we know this area to be called a calm before the storm right after the calm before the storm is where the tornado is going to occur it will be the last thing to move through people get antsy if they're in their shelter more than 15 to 20 minutes and they're ready to come out if they hear all the rain and hail and then all of a sudden it stops they think the storm has moved through and it's gone it may not be that tornado may still be bearing down on you so have a battery-operated radio television or weather radio and your shelter to let you know when the all-clear is announced for your area and it's safe to come out of your shelter if you follow these simple rules you will be better prepared and can stay safe during lightning and tornadoes bye everyone we will see you soon stay safe you you


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