[Yo, he’s lying!] You know you know when you’ve been wearing shoes all day, and you finally take them off? That’s what my house smelt like. [He’s lying] Welcome back to all my Kats. What up Kats? Good morning to the best family on YouTube! What up everybody? You are now watching FouseyTube. Those were all my intros like, throughout the years and you guys just got all of them in one video. So that deserves a thumbs up. Anyways, what’s up everybody? Welcome back. I believe today should be day 9. If I’m not mistaken. Today should be day 9 of 365 days of Fousey. You know, we started off strong. We had some good videos. We fell of, we know why because you know, I deleted the video. We came back yesterday, at least we came back and today we’re back and I’m gonna go to the gym. That’s pretty much all there is right now guys. I read a comment that I really like and the comment said, Yousef, just go outside your house. Take us to cafes, take us to good food spots, and that was a good idea, and I would do that if it wasn’t so snowy right now and that’s really messing up everything. Anyways, one time in a video, I sat down, and I had a one-on-one talk with my mom. So now I’m gonna sit down and have a one-on-one talk with my dad. How you doing Baba? [Okay] [Okay] Can you have a seat? Alright, I need your advice. [Okay] You see me on the couch. I play Nintendo, I sell the merchandise, I vlog but I don’t really go out and do anything. I don’t get to the gym, I wake up late. What should I do right now to change my life? [Just do normal things] Like? [Go to bed by 11-12 o’clock] Okay. [Wake up by 7-8 o’clock] Okay. [You have full day ahead of you. Eat breakfast, relax, go to the gym, go somewhere] [You could do many, many things during the day but if you wake up 4 o’clock in the afternoon that’s it. Your dead. Your day is gone] Really? [Yeah] Okay, he’s right, he’s right. A very fair assessment. Do you consider like, right now aren’t I just getting adjusted to New Jersey? You’ve lived here for a couple of years. You got adjusted. This is my first time ever. [No, I didn’t live for two years] [I lived there for three months] Baba, when it was- when you guys lived here for a long time when it was snowing. [No, no. We used to come and go. We never spent 3-4 months in a row] So out of one to ten as- [We are not supposed to stop anybody from doing their normal things. It’s not supposed] Okay, so out of 1-10 as my father, how bad am I living my life right now? Ten being the worst. [Ten being the worst?] Yeah. [Ten] I’m living that bad? [Yes. If you go to bed 4:00 in the morning or five and wake up four in the afternoon [That’s- I give maybe 12 from 10. Maybe worse] [Oh my god] Dang. Well, my dad is against a lot of things that I’m doing in my life right now. Like watch this. Baba, do you think I should sell the Ferrari? [Yes. Sell the Ferrari, buy a decent car which you could use every single day] [Take to gym, take to grocery, take to anywhere you like. Not just put it here and drive it once a while] Wow, I’m getting like, life lessons right now, but let me ask you one more question. My dad is right by the way, my dad isn’t wrong. I’m aware of what I’m doing wrong. The issue is, I’m aware and not doing anything about it. Alright? So anyways, that’s why I love these vlogs so much right now because we’re seeing how I’m gonna get out of this rut because a lot of you might give up on these videos but some of you are gonna stick through and then we’re gonna be successful at the end of this year Baba. [I hope so] Let me ask you this, how should we make money? Give us some money-making idea. [Many, many ways] Give me an idea. [Keep working. That’s it. Whatever is you field, keep working on it. You’ll make money] Give me a different idea. Right now, if I said, Baba I need a way to make money fast. What should I do? Not even fast, I need a way to make a lot of money. What should I do? [Lots of money? You don’t need lots of money. If you make enough money to live on] [Little money to save for the future that would be so good] Okay, well right now I’m making enough money to live on. So what’s the problem? [No problem. Be happy, that’s it. Be satisfied] So why is my life a 10 out of 10 bad? [Lots of people will spend many years making money, put in savings in the bank and they die, leave everything behind] So why is my life 10 out of 10 bad if I have money to survive and I’m happy? [Life is not money, life is happiness] I’m happy though. [If you happy, that’s it] I enjoy sitting on this couch while playing Nintendo Switch. [No, no, no, no. There’s a big difference between somebody who spends an hour on the couch and somebody go two hours in the gym, [two hours in the street, one hour in the sun. Big difference Yousef] So my dad is dropping gems guys. Basically what he’s saying is, I need to get my crap together. I need to start sleeping at appropriate hours, I need to- my dad doesn’t like me waking up late. My dad, my whole life has woken up at like 6:00 a.m. He used to run businesses that he used to be gone all day for, come home, then chill. I used to call my dad guys and be like, yo Baba, I made this amount of money, then this amount of money. So it used to make them happy seeing that I was like, doing something for myself but now that they see me just sleeping my days away and not really working, It’s concerning for them, and I completely understand. With that being said guys, check this out, I’m gonna relate to you guys right now. Okay, so I’m taking new medication. My dad hates that. Baba how do you feel? [Not good] So we’re not gonna get into that right now in front of my dad, but I’m taking a new medication and it was doing good and I was doing better and that’s why I’m able to go to the gym but for the last couple of days I’ve been not really wanting to do anything, not really wanting to go to the gym. Like, right now I took pre-workout. That’s why I’m talking a little bit faster because I’m trying to get myself to want to go to the gym So right now at least, I’m going to go to the gym. Which is a step up but I haven’t really had a desire to do anything outside of that and that’s, I think a problem because that’s comfortability. When you’re content with your ways and your ways aren’t good, that’s when it becomes a problem. So the fact that I’m content waking up late, playing Nintendo switch all day, streaming at night and not really doing anything, I guess you can classify that as a problem and that’s why there needs to be a solution. Right Muffin? [Well, Muffin would have much better life if you take her out. Anywhere. The field, the park, the street] But it’s snowing. [It’s not that much snow, but she get more depressed if she stays home all day] That’s a very fair point and that should be a reason that I wake up and take her out. [She needs to see the sun] There is no sun, it’s snowy. [Well some day there will] Okay, so here’s the thing guys. Tomorrow- Baba do you think I can do this? Tomorrow. [Any person in this life could do anything they want. Nothing to stop any person from doing anything right] Okay, so tomorrow I’m gonna wake up and take Muffin outside. [Yeah, take her. Walk with her] [You get to see the Sun. Go have cup of coffee. Go to the gym. Look, he’s a nice dog. Very nice dog] [laughing] Alright. [By doing the right things in life believe me, you could cure yourself from any depression or any disease you have without taking any medicine] [because if you put yourself in the house all day, you get more depressed, you think you sick, you need medicine] [but if you do the right thing, the right life, you’ll feel so good, and you forget about the medicine] I agree with that sentiment. He’s not saying depression isn’t real, he’s not saying depression is in my head What he’s saying is, you have to change your habits to get out of the funk that you put yourself in. So if I have depression, staying in bed all day, staying at home, that’s not gonna cure me. Going outside, being active, seeing the sun, communicating with people, that would help and benefit me to beating my depression. Which I’ve never sat down and talked to my parents about but they’re- they are understanding and they get what I go through, but I do also get what my dad means. So right now, I think as a start, I should go to the gym because I made a deal with myself this year to go to the gym every day this year and I’ve already missed two days, and that’s unacceptable. So, I know I can be everything my parents want me to be or know that I can’t be- not want me to be because you should do it for yourself. I know I can be everything that I want to be, I just got to want it. When your actions don’t match what you’re putting out there, you’re nothing because I can say I want to do this, this, this and this but if I end up doing nothing, then I’m lying to myself. You know, you can’t lie- you can lie to everybody. I could lie to my dad, I could lie to my mom but I can’t lie to myself. So, what time is it Baba? It’s 7 o’clock and it’s sad to say, this is gonna be the first time I walk out of my house and I’m going to the gym, and then I come home and my day is basically done guys. I appreciate you guys for sticking with me though and like, wanting to see me beat this. Whatever this is. I appreciate that. I appreciate everybody who bought this merch that’s on sale right now at KatsMerch.com Day one sales were booming. Not only were you guys buying this and the joggers, you guys were also buying the windbreakers and the Dollar merch. So I super appreciate it. If you haven’t got your merch, the link is in the description below right now and I wanna say thank you one more time. I know I say thank you a lot You guys are not only supporting me and watching my stuff, you guys are letting me vlog how I wanna vlog. So my favorite time on YouTube ever was Dose of Fousey, where I can pick up the camera and talk to it. My vlogs were driven by emotions, feelings, talking, motivation. It was always my life. It wasn’t just action. So the fact that now I can pick up the camera and have a heart-to-heart with my dad and I can tell you guys about what’s going on and go to the gym, I love the audience that I have right now. So thank you for giving me my love for what I want to do again because it’s much more fun than right now. Right now I’m transparent. right? I’m telling you guys, I don’t wanna do anything. That’s much more fun than doing something that I think that you guys might like, that I don’t really get enjoyment out of doing. When I see the snow, the last thing I wanna do is go outside and play in it. I know you guys think that’s not a lot of snow everybody in Canada. You made your point, I get it. Alright? I got it in the comments, but yeah, I like staying at home, so thank you guys for giving me my love. Muffin. She thought I was about to leave her. Well I am about to leave you. I’m going to the gym okay? Where’d you go? I’m about to go to the gym okay? I could do something so mean right now, but she’s gonna be so mad at me. Wanna go? Wanna go? [Barks] Wanna go? [Barks] That gets her so mad guys because when I say, wanna go? It means we’re leaving and she’s barking like, don’t forget me, don’t forget me. Muffin I’m sorry. Come here. Now she’s gonna let me pick her up because she thinks we’re leaving I’m sorry, you have to stay with Sitto, okay? Come here. Oh, let me do it with one left hand. Boom. Sitto. Sorry Muffin. I’ll be back [Just go, just go] Okay, I’ll be back. [Come on, come on Muffin] She ran away. [Hey] She’s coming. Uh-oh, uh-oh. Muffin I was kidding, you can’t come. You can’t come. I’m sorry. [Barks] I’m sorry. [Barls] It was a joke, you can’t come. Oh god. She’s behind me isn’t she guys? Oh gosh. Muffin, I’m taking the Ferrari, you can’t come. [Those tires are so low. Once you go over them, the tire, slash] So my BMW got another flat tire today, my dad woke, he woke me up, told me about it. So I was about to go to the gym, I was about to hop in the Ferrari but Baba, I got an idea. [Squeeles] Muffin. You want me to sell the motorcycles, right? [Yeah] My dad wants me to sell those two motorcycles really badly. If any of you guys are in the market for brand new Honda motorcycles, Africa twin or an NC 700, both amazing. Like, amazing motorcycles. Let me know. Barely any miles on them. I don’t want to tell my dad this, I’m only willing to sell one of them. I don’t need two motorcycles, but I do want to keep one of them. So if you wanna buy this one. The NC 700, which West Coast Customs like, absolutely murdered with customization. Let me know guys. I’ll give you guys a really good deal. I just- I wanna sell them because my dad text- talks to me about it every single day and now it’s time to drive in the Ferrari. This is the worst thing I could do because my BMW is getting flat tires left and right. Ferrari told me, do not drive your car in this weather, do not drive your car in this weather but I did not pay three hundred thousand dollars to watch my car sit in a garage and not drive it. So, I’m gonna drive. I can’t fit in because there’s stuff over there. I’m gonna drive the Ferrari today. I don’t care. I don’t care. I would appreciate if you don’t fight me for what I’m about to say, but I went to the gym and I didn’t record it, but I did go to the gym and I know you guys probably wanted to see that because it would motivate you and I apologize but I just didn’t but if you’d like to know what I did, I did ten sets of ten squats at 135. So, not a lot of weight, but I just needed to get back into the oh. You know, dipping low, making sure my form is correct because I used to squat heavy. I used to squat 315, but I finally got back on the squatting game, so I did 10 sets of 10 at 135. I apologize for not recording it. What I would like to say is, while I was at the gym, I got a text to notify me that all of these rawr hoodies and all of the raw joggers sold out and honestly guys, from the bottom of my heart, no bs. Thank you guys so much because for years I’ve wanted to create quality brand that you guys can trust and you guys can support and know that the money that you guys are spending, you’re getting a quality product out of and you’re getting it at a really fast time because literally, if you purchase it, like, if you purchased it today, it ships out today and I thank you guys so much for that. I thank you guys for trusting me, and I thank you guys for spending your hard-earned money on the merch. It helps me more than you know and I’m not even bs you guys, you guys know my situation, you know my situation with YouTube. So when you guys support me on the merch, it really- I can cry. It helps me so much. So as I told you guys, one door closes, I got to find new doors and I think I really need to put a lot of time and energy into this rawr brand because there’s so much more that’s gonna come out. I still have the pre-workout, I still have the gym gear, I still have the girl line. I have so much stuff, so thank you for trusting me. If you haven’t already purchased any of the rawr brand gear, don’t worry, because these are on sale right now on the website. It might be sold out by the time this video comes out because there’s only 20 pieces left and if it is, I apologize but these jackets right here, these are rawr jackets that I always showed, the windbreakers are available in camo and black and also the Dollar merch. So if you go on KatsMerch.com, be sure to get all that stuff because these are a restock of a previous sell out. So, these aren’t gonna come back again. These might if there’s a demand for them, but those, nah. They’re gone, so thank you guys so much, KatsMerch.com. I’m seriously grateful because being able- like- oh. I didn’t want to get into this. Being able to tell my parents like, hey Mama and Baba like, the merch sold out. Like you know, I made some money today, is a great feeling. especially when your parents are stressing about you, so honestly, I hope you guys can see the genuineness from my eyes. I appreciate you guys again for spending your hard-earned money and trusting me and buying the merch I think it’s gonna be a good year for the rawr brand. Thank you guys. You know what we need to do? We need to start a project where- is that anybody I can get to come like, remodel this? Because like, I know we remodeled the basement but guys, ever since we did it, I haven’t done anything else. Like look, that stays there all the time. That’s the couch I watch netflix on, as you can see my loafers. I’m very relatable guys. I’m not saying that because I’m trying to be like, hey guys look, I’m like you. I’m serious. I live a very normal life. Like, I chill on my couch, I watch Netflix, I eat Chex Mix, I don’t pick up after myself. I do a lot of things that I think you guys might be able to relate to. I’m struggling to figure out what I wanna do in life. Some days I don’t wanna go to the gym. You know, sometimes I plan an event with friends then when that day comes I wanna bail. Takes me forever to reply to texts. Now I don’t think the things I’m describing are things that make me a bad person. I think there are things that make me human and a lot of you guys can relate to. You know what guys? I just realized something. In this extra room- like look. I’ve been hiding it here. Oh my god. This might be so dope. So check this out, I actually talked about this a long time ago, and I think it’s time to finally do it. Is there a light here? Alright, check this out. In here- oh my god. Check this out guys. There is original Dose of Fousey, bruh bruh shirts. Oh my god, and also, there are- check this out. Original- oh my god, let me turn this inside out. You guys are gonna love this. There are original- these are original guys. These are like, antique. Cuz the grind don’t stop man. These designs are so silly, but they were done like by me and I really like. Like, I put pride into these and see how it says, DOF right here? So basically, I have hundreds of shirts, tank tops and wristbands right here. I’m gonna throw a crazy idea your way. Like, look. There’s a lot. If I were to put them on KatsMerch.com and sell them on a flash sale price for like, 10 dollars or whatever and to give you guys a chance to buy a piece of history because as you guys know, Dose of Fussy was a part of my life, your life but it is no more. Let me know because I could send those to the company and tell them to sell it for us at a very cheap price, reasonable price. That’s actually a- wow. Why do I treat my stuff like this? Yeah, you know what guys? That’s gonna be our next project. Wow, two of them? I didn’t even know I had two of them, and I have a 10 million subscribers plaque upstairs. Anyways, I need to hang that stuff up. So let me know if you guys are down for that merch. That’s crazy. I know I’m just constantly talking, but there’s so much I wanna talk to you guys about. Like, I drove the Ferrari today and as soon as I drove it I was like, yeah, I would never trade this in. I’m not gonna trade it in for the GTR. I’m not gonna trade it in for anything. A 488 is like, it’s one-of-a-kind guys. It’s-it’s- it’s a masterpiece and driving it today really made me realize like, yo, stop. Like, no.Sorry mama, sorry Baba. No, I’m keeping the Ferrari. Okay, the next thing we have to talk about. This is where I do my streaming. For those of you, who don’t know, I usually sit here and my friend sits here and we stream video game all night usually. Now, I stream on a website called Twitch. A lot of you might not know about it, a lot of you do. I roughly have about a thousand people who watch each stream but, do you guys think I should stop streaming on twitch and I should switch to streaming on YouTube on either Fouseytube, or Dose of Fousey? Let me know what you guys think because right now I am doing it on twitch but as you know, it’s not benefiting my YouTube whereas if I streamed on Fouseytube then I can constantly promote Kats and I can get people to join Kats and I could get, you know, It’s just in house. Let me know. I know there’s so many things I’m asking you to let me know and you’re like, How are you gonna see all this stuff? I’ll read the comments and I’ll also read the tweets that you guys send me. A lot of the times you guys send me tweets like, I think you should do this, I think you should do that and it really helps me. So if you can tweet me- one of you just bought merchandise. That’s what that means. You know what I’m gonna do right now actually? Since one of you guys just bought merchandise. I’m gonna do something different today. Hold on guys. I apologize I’m talking so much. Okay, I’m gonna go to orders, I’m gonna shout out you guys by your names. First names, people who bought merch today. I know I just changed this topic but here we go. Shout out to Samir Khan, shout out to Armando Hernandez Cruz, Stephanie Aguilar, Cesar Martinez, Selenia Sepideh, Melanie Rojas, Jason Veissy Cox, Stacey Rodriguez, Xavier Guardado, Chazabe Saheedo, Shawn he, Cane Torres, Jennifer Jills Anthony Carewcareless, Bassel El Khatib, Aldrin Kaluza, Abdul Laulu, Derek White, Yanni, Papadopoulos. That’s a sick name. Yanni Papadopoulos. Her last name is Papadopoulos. That is sick. Jennifer Giles, Custodio Baragain, Yasmine Henriksne, Ismail Ahmed, Karam Iad and Vadeem Nayman. Those are just some of the names that purchase merchandise today. So many of you guys showed love. Thank you guys and yeah, again. I’m talking so much. I really- these are like Dose of Fousey days to the max. I really wonder if you guys are even watching this right now. Man this is unacceptable. I’m literally sleeping on a mattress because you guys know this part of a bed? This scrunchy part. It always falls off. So I end up sleeping there. That’s unacceptable, and I thought about it, remember how my mom was yelling at me and she was like, put your clothes away, do your bed? This might sound bad. Let me fix my hat. I wanna come out with a hat by the way. That’s what I wanna come out. I texted the people today, and I said, it’s unacceptable that I’ve been wearing this hat for so many years. I need to come out with a signature hat that I wear every single day. I just haven’t solidified a design yet, but that’s what I want to do because you guys know me and hats. Although I’m not scared to rock no hat now, but I just- you know, I like hats. Anyways, in LA I used to have a cleaning lady come once a week. I shouldn’t say cleaning lady. She was like a second mother to me. She was amazing. She used to come once a week. She you know, always checked up on me. Took care of the cleaning. Always made sure I was in tip-top shape. So the difference, I know this is gonna sound first world problems whatever. The difference between now and then, I have been accustomed to like, yeah I ain’t gonna do my bed, I ain’t gonna clean my clothes, whatever. Knowing that somebody was gonna come clean it for me. Now in New Jersey, as you guys can see, you know, my mom, sometimes when she gets pissed, she does it for me. You know how moms are but other than that, there’s no cleaning lady right now. So, that’s why my stuff is like all over the place and I’m sleeping in beds like this and my clothes are there and you know, my stuff is there. That’s unacceptable. That’s unacceptable. We have to do something about this. I’m going on strike right now. What’s up guys? So I’m gonna introduce you to somebody who I’ve never introduced you to. He’s my friend Ahmed who I always stream with and [Stop] You guys like, what I’m about to say, you guys might be like, because you guys are not used to this, you might be like, why are you so mean to him Yousef? Like you guys used to do with all my other friends. Ahmed, Wahjee, Ali, whoever. This dude, he’s like my brother. He’s like my little brother. He’s really young, he’s only 19. I always spit real stuff to him. [That’s not really young] He’s like, he makes mistakes in life. We on the stream help him and stuff. First of all, shout out to the stream, as you guys can see. So this is what I do. How I spend my night. See all these people? They’re laughing. Like, lmao. This fool a lame. Lmao. Damn, been exposed. Haha, hi YouTube. What up Kats? He’s getting red. What’s up? What’s up? So this is what I do every night guys. We come, we stream but, let me just tell you guys. So this guy comes into my house, sits down, mind you, my house smells good, my mom cleans. Umm, I took a shower, I’m wearing the freshest merch in the game. I have this hoodie on, I have Dollar right here, I have this right here. You guys know that sound means that one of you guys just bought merch, but he comes into my house smelling like, [Yo he’s lying] You know, you know when you’ve been wearing shoes all day and you finally take them off? That’s what my house smelt like. [He’s lying] So I came in, he’s mad because I brought this out, and I sprayed him with it and the room smells 10 out of 10. [Because it got on my phone] [Like, you can’t spray Old Spice like that and get it on peoples phone] Well, don’t come to somebody’s house smelling like that bruh. [I smell like Old Spice Desperado] I could have given you a pair of socks [Bro, I smell like Old Spice Desperado] If you guys wanna see him in the vlog more, give this video a big thumbs up because I never add characters into these vlogs, but this dude is the biggest character of them all. [Oh my god] He’s nicknamed Weasel. [After I got you coffee too?] He’s nicknamed uhh. [Oh, so after I got you coffee?] Huh? [After I got you coffee, you gonna do that to me?] We’re brothers, we get each other stuff. That doesn’t mean you come to my house smelling. [I don’t- I smell good. Bro, I’ve always smelt good, I’ve always smelt good. Every- anytime i’ve come] Oh my god, what did you do today?! Like, straight up, what did you do today? [Bro, what are you talking about bro? I smell good!] Did you go to a restaurant today? [No] You didn’t go to any kind of restaurant today? [No] [I did not go to any kind of-] Did you go to work? [Yeah, I went to work] Were you wearing those socks at work? [No] You’re lying! [Wallah. I wear black socks because I have to dress up in a suit!] So when did you change into those socks? [What do you mean when?] What time today did you- [Like, right before I came here. What are you talking about?] Those are fresh pairs of socks? [No, no because I wore these to my cousin’s house just now] See? Exactly. [Well, I came here from my cousin’s house, don’t say that, but this was technically right before I came here because I didn’t stay at my cousins house for long] I would put my head and smell your sweats, but my head would be getting a little too close, so I’m not gonna do that. [Okay, I don’t want that] [See? We need to steer clear. See? What are you saying?] All I’m saying is, rule of thumb guys. When you come to somebody’s house smell nice or else you’re gonna get sprayed with Old Spice. [I smell good. I smell good. I smell Desperado Old Spice, I promise. I promise you] I sprayed that on you that’s why you smell like- [That’s not Desperado] Bro, look, look. Even the chat, look. Eww, the fifth degree, Yousef smell his armpits. Somebody put the Muffin emoji. So look guys, if you guys follow me on Twitch, [I don’t smell anything!] You can put Fousey, Muffin or Dollar. By the way guys, if your subscribers on Twitch, there’s 25 new emotes about to come to you guys. So stay tuned. Bro I’m sorry, welcome to the vlog though. [Bro] It smells bad. It’s better, It’s better, It’s better. [Bro, I smell good though. What are you talking about?] Yeah, because I made you good but wallah it didn’t smell good. [Then it wasn’t me! I don’t know what-] I smell it again. Holy crap. You know what you smell like? Like you chilled in Subway for five hours, you had PE in your shoes and then you sprayed Axe to cover it up. [Don’t do that, don’t do that, do that to me. Don’t do that please yo] [Don’t say that] Did you have subway today? [I did not have Subway today] Did you have subway? [Nope] [ I did not] Put that on something. [I swear on my mom’s life. I did not have subway today] Did you end up getting McDonald’s last night when you drove home? [I did not. Wallah I didn’t] I’m trying to keep- you guys are not gonna understand all of these jokes. You guys are probably like, Yousef is so mean to this kid, You have to join- [He’s so mean to yo] You have to join the stream to understand guys. You have to join the stream to understand I’m gonna stream now, but just wanted to show you guys. [Mumbling] huh? See? Smelly Ahmed donated 1 dollar. Alright guys, gotta get back to the stream. So you know how my dad was saying that I go to sleep at like 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning and then I wake up really late? And he was like that’s what not to do. Well, It kind of just happened right now again. As you can see, I’m playing rocky league right here. The stream is still going on, as you can see. All those people are watching the stream and [Shoutout to all 760 people still in the stream, showing love] 760 people on at what time? [Bro, it’s 4:33] Like, I’m getting delusional. I still haven’t even taken my medication yet, which I talked about earlier on this vlog. There’s still so much I have to do but what I do wanna say is, unbelievably these windbreakers re-stocked yesterdays and both the camo and the black sold out Today, I know I talked about the merch a lot but I’ve just been blown away by the support. You see how that door closed? And now I really see an open door that can come in the way of the rawr brand. The pre-workout hasn’t come out, the workout gear hasn’t come out. There’s so much that can happen. I love you guys so much. You guys always help me find a way. Thanks for being here for day 9 I believe I said in the beginning in the video. Day 9, whatever. I know it’s the low number, but it’s day by day. Tomorrow is day 10, then day 11, then day 12 and we’re gonna have a really cool end of January because it’s my sister’s birthday, then it’s my birthday, then it’s my brother and dad’s birthday all in January. So it’s gonna be a really fun time. You’re gonna see me go to DC. You’re gonna see me go to LA and yeah, hopefully I do stick to this and I do actually go to those places. Anyways, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you guys here tomorrow. If you didn’t already, go ahead and subscribe. Let’s reach 1 million subscribers, and if you’re wondering when I’m giving away the car, probably next week. Love y’all. RAAH!


  1. WELCOME BACK KATS! Today was raw raw raw! Love to hear what you thought about it! See you tomorrow…HOPEFULLY! ๐Ÿ˜ก BTW. MERCH IS NOW ON SALE.. GO GO GO! https://katsmerch.com/

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