Heidi’s Testimonial – Online Social Anxiety Program | Learn to Live

Heidi’s Testimonial – Online Social Anxiety Program | Learn to Live

It was physical symptoms of, you know,
feeling kinda sweaty, and my my stomach is
really upset and all I wanna do is run into the bathroom,
because the bathroom just feels safer. You know, cuz it’s okay if you’re
freaking out in the bathroom but it’s not OK if you’re freaking out in the dining room. And the
constant thought of, “is anybody noticing what’s going on.
Does anyone know that I’m freaking out right now? And if they do know, will they like
me anyway? Will they all think I’m crazy, cuz I feel like i’m crazy.” And it’s just this
string of thoughts with no punctuation at all just running through
your mind. And it kinda clogs out everything else
that’s going on around you. Our first date was pretty much right after I completed the
program. So I completed in like December and we went on our first
date, official date like in a restaurant, like mid-January. And so I was like
okay, I haven’t told him anything about my social anxiety,
I’m gonna see if I can just do it and see if he’ll notice, or see
if I can do it. And I was in my apartment pacing around
really anxious beforehand and then he sent me a text message to
say he was in my driveway and I took a deep breath, and I went through,
I had my Learn to Live worksheets out, and I said, “okay this is not right,
this is not right, this is not right. I can do this” and I left the house and the date was wonderful. I did’t have any anxiety the
whole date, and I kept thinking to myself when we got out into the parking lot, I just about jumped up and down I was so
excited that I had made it through a date with somebody I barely knew. That
was like something I never thought that I could
do. And I had a great time and of course I couldn’t jump up and down in
the parking lot, cause that would give it away that I was dealing
with something but yeah.

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  1. Thank you for this, i too have had severe social anxiety in the past, which i have feel i have mostly overcome; although it never really leaves you! For myself i have been working to improve my confidence and self esteem, and a daily almost obsession with doing the right things, like exercising and being around people. To make sure I don't regress and go back to the dark days, when i could barely leave my room at times!

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