Here Hear: a mental health app to help depressed people 心理健康醫療生態圈APP

Here Hear: a mental health app to help depressed people 心理健康醫療生態圈APP

Hi! My name’s Lynia the CEO and founder of Here hear According to the WHO depression will become the second major cause of disease worldwide by 2020 Depression brings not only mental painfulness but also negative impacts to physical health 15% of people with depression will commit suicide So here we ponder why is it so difficult for people to speak out their weaknesses and sufferings? This question drove me to design this app Here Hear It’s a platform where people can tell their stories and show their emotions freely Let me tell you why this app is so unique! Our anonymous audio management system and voice changing function protect users’ privacy we use AI to detect users’ emotions by analyzing their voiceprints Aside from AI we also combine our app with an HRV device earphones or smart rings for example to detect autonomic nervous system the device will reflect the user’s mental stress and anxiety level The data will be sent back to the app and analyzed by AI so users can keep track on their mood variations with systematic figures and statistics and receive appropriate suggestions for relaxation such as mindfulness instructions or music therapy So to integrate all the features that I mentioned above we need a professional team that possesses expertise in AI, IOT, finance, psychology, psychiatry, and neurology And I can tell you proudly, I have them all Our vision is to build up a digital medical network that connects people with mental health education clinical diagnosis mental therapies and medical institutions through Here Hear and our HRV devices and most importantly the process is all private because of the anonymous system people can feel secure when they seek professional medical assistance Global depression drug market is forecasted to reach $18 billion by 2024 This is such a heavy burden for medical care and health insurance yet a great market opportunity for us With this app we believe we can help those who suffer from depression cut down on their expenses on medical and mental treatment We believe we will create a better world It’s very cool isn’t it?

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  1. Here Hear APP希望幫助一般大眾以及專業工作者,做為一個隨身情緒改善自助工具。不論你是正在憂鬱情緒中,或是憂鬱症患者等,都歡迎留言告訴我們你對這個軟體的期待。
    Here Hear, I'm feeling better.

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