Homeless Woman Walks Off ‘Dr. Phil’ Stage

Homeless Woman Walks Off ‘Dr. Phil’ Stage

Right now, I’m currently couch surfing in between friends. They don’t mind me sleeping on their couch. I haven’t really felt homeless of course because I’ve always had a place to stay. I don’t have a car so my friends usually pick me up. I’ve lived with about 15 friends for the last couple months. I like this lifestyle but I do want stability. I meet the people that I stay with on social media. Meeting these people for the first time can be awkward. Some of them want to either sleep with me or they want money. So that’s why I have to leave. I was bouncing from friend to friend. So this is like all my stuff. These two bags, this is all the clothes I own. There’s like another duffel bag in here that my mom sent me, some baby powder, eye glass cleaner. I have a extension cord, a toothbrush. I have the GED book that I’m currently studying for. If I lost any of this stuff, that would suck. I usually just get my stuff out of the way and just sleep on a blanket on the floor. Every day, I get up at around 8:30. I usually brush my teeth, put on my makeup, fix my hair, get my outfit for the day, I’ll call my mom. I try to get her to send me money. I just hang out, chill, be on my phone. I’m usually a homebody but I definitely like to get out. I like to go to the park, window shop, just have fun. I don’t feel like I can keep living the way I’m living because I want to be a family unit with my mom and eventually be independent. My mom wanted me to be this person forever. I want her to know I like my hair this way, I like my clothes this way. I’m 23, so I feel like my mom should see things my way and kind of accept how I am. So it’s kind of like, mom, back off a little bit. (dramatic music) Hi, have a seat right here and we have a microphone for you there. You can just clip it on. Okay. Okay, Krissy, it’s good to meet you. Thank you, good to meet you too. You have chosen to be homeless. Not really but I’ve been staying with friends. The friends you meet at Facebook, total strangers are friends? I don’t really feel comfortable with him being here. Okay, but you’re not running this, I am. Yeah, I understand. So I have a question here. Why are you not taking care of your personal hygiene? I am, that’s his opinion. Wouldn’t you say so?
When was the last time you had a bath or a shower? Like about yesterday, pretty much so yeah. And where was this? At the hotel we were staying at. And were you there when this took place? We had separate rooms. Her idea of a shower is not a shower. What’s your idea of a shower? Getting in the water and what most people would consider a shower, I guess. How often do you shower? About once every other few days but I mean– That’s not true. I’m not really comfortable with him being here so– You are the star of the show, don’t leave. You’ve got something behind you there so you need to either leave that or take it with you, one of the two. Okay, that’s fine. I’m not surprised. Yeah. In my opinion, she’s either lying to herself or she’s actually delusional.

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  1. She don’t feel comfortable around her father..
    she don’t have personal hygiene…
    she has no problem with looking dirty because clearly someone robbed her of the women she used to be, she probably likes to be dirty because in her head if she stays dirty and nasty no one will try and hurt her again!

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