How Depression Feels

How Depression Feels

I’ve felt depression where every single morning I woke up I just don’t really find hope and it’s kind of hard for me to push on. Something that you really can’t lift up – it’s like for example if you’re lifting weights and it ends up
getting dropped on your chest you can’t breathe and it’s kind of hard to get it
back up because you can’t get that one breath of air and takes a few pushing
forward to lift it up and it just pulls you back so much and it just gives you no
hope at all. People around me are living you know a happy life and I feel like I
can have a happy life too if I was able to do something about it. I kind of feel
ashamed that I can’t you know live a happy life when I’m perfectly capable as
any other person. Depression is something that really impacts you
currently it makes kind of hard for you to you know think I hey well you take
kind of like an idea that you have about something that makes you happy and you kind of think about that you’re kind of placed in this different world than you
were in. Depression is kind of a thing where you know it’s kind of hard to find
hope in some places but I guess I always hope for a better future you know
growing up and maybe living a happy life finding love and stuff like that. The position you’re in is something that you’re experiencing due to a lot of stress it could be because
of school it could be because of like you don’t feel like you’re going anywhere but as you
become a grown up and become more dependent you kind of begin to become
more separate from a lot of things that kind of give you stress and that kind of makes managing depression a bit easier. I’m able to push the anxiety feelings down
sometimes but in the end I always kind of end up rethinking about them when I’m
alone. I have my friends who I talk to in certain cases and they do help. I also
go to a therapist at times and that also helps as well but in general depression
when I’m alone it’s something that I kind of have to deal with myself which
gets kind of hard at times but over time you kind of learn how to manage it.

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  1. I enjoy this video so much and I am glad that it was put on this platform to open the eyes of those that don’t pay any attention to it.

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