How I Overcame Severe Depression Naturally / No Meds!

How I Overcame Severe Depression Naturally / No Meds!

In today’s video I’m going to share with you how I overcame severe depression naturally and how you can do the same Hey everyone, this is Stephanie from fast track to health wellness center. So today’s video is a very personal one for me about 25 years ago. I was suffering from severe clinical depression Now I had no reason to be depressed Everything was going right in my life at the time but every single day I felt sad and I was crying and I had negative thoughts and I had a suicide attempt at the ripe old age of 23 luckily I’m here with you today, and I want to share my story so that if you’re going through this You know that there are things that you can do as well. So let me just give you a little background story I was pretty unhealthy for most of my childhood. I had a lot of infections growing up I was put on multiple rounds of antibiotics I had my tonsils out my adenoids out more than once the main problem that I had was severe digestive Issues and I went to the bathroom only once per week and I really strongly feel that this negatively Contributed to my health problems at the time and the older I got and the longer this went on the worse and worse I started to feel now. It didn’t help that. I had a very bad diet as well I was a full blown sugar addict growing up as a kid and I experimented with smoking and alcohol and Recreational drugs as a teenager. So all this combined just made me have a very unhealthy body and therefore an unhealthy mind so it was pretty intense and I sought Traditional medical treatment, of course at the time. I didn’t know any better I went to doctors with the therapists and I did try the traditional route with medications and I have to say for me personally They did not work. And as a matter of fact they made me worse, but keep in mind I was only about 19 at the time so my brain was not quite Totally formed yet. And the chemicals in these medications just made me worse now I’m not saying that every single person is going to issue but I do wholeheartedly believe that we don’t have a deficiency of Prozac or some other medication that there are other underlying causes for the depression in the first place so in any case I’m glad that I’m here with you today to share with you some of the things that I did to turn myself around So once this event occurred and I went on with my life, I knew that I had to get healthier So that’s the first thing that I worked on now at the time I hadn’t had any formal education Yet into natural health or nutrition or anything. I started with just exercise I actually became a fitness trainer and I was working out on a regular Basis and this started to improve my mood in and of itself because exercise is basically a natural antidepressant and then I knew that my gut issues were a big part of my problem and I had to figure out how I was Gonna get myself to go to the bathroom everyday So I made changes to my diet all from self-study at the time from reading books and doing research and my diet started to improve and therefore my gut health Started to improve. So therefore I started to feel better and better over time and on top of that I started to read books that would fill me with Positive types of thinking and get me on the road for a personal growth So that was a big part of it, too so in any case I feel that what helped me was getting over my digestive issues and eating better taking care of myself And at the time I actually wasn’t even taking any supplements like I do today But there are lots of supplements that can help with this as well and it gets into that in a second but I really think that the underlying cause has to be figured out as to why someone is depressed in the first place if they have no reason to be depressed because things Can happen you can get depressed because life happens and the depression is a natural emotion for human beings but to be depressed for no reason is not and I think as a functional medicine practitioner getting to the root cause is extremely important and I really don’t feel that the traditional medical system has any interest in doing this I actually watched some videos doing some research for this video and the things that some of these psychiatrists and doctors were saying in the Really made me cringe I didn’t read any negative comments, but it was very hard for me to hear the information that they were saying and how they were Pooh-poohing in the natural remedies because there’s no studies and all this kind of garbage But anyway, but meanwhile all studies prove that antidepressants are just fine right now. The drug companies are funding them so therefore they’re gonna show that they’re fine, but believe me lots of people have side effects from medications, especially Antidepressants and not to mention they’re very hard to get off of so I’m obviously not a fan of those things and I had tried Them myself and they made me worse So anyway for enough about my story now let me say some things that I recommend to people now that I have figured a lot of this out on my own and Have learned from being in the profession so first and foremost We got to get to the root cause what could be one of the possible reasons why someone’s depressed in the first place? Do they have gut issues and if so, are they addressing them? So nowadays? modern science does recognize that the gut contains lots of bacteria and that bacteria plays a critical role in everything that we do and not to mention that most of our Neurotransmitters are made in the guts. If you’re having gut issues you’re going to have neurotransmitter issues Serotonin dopamine these kinds of things. They’re produced in the gut so if you have an Imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut if you have an infection in the gut if you’re eating foods that inflamed you all the time you’re gonna have Neurotransmitter issues and mood issues as well There’s a strong connection between the gut and the brain So that’s the very first thing you have to look at is Gut health and that’s what I firmly believe and then another contributor to gut health is nutrient deficiencies many of us don’t get the right vitamins minerals essential fatty acids into our diet and that can cause not only gut issues but body wide problems as well deficiencies of minerals vitamins essential fatty acids The big ones are the B vitamins the B vitamins are really really critical and when your gut isn’t working you’re not producing as much And you’re probably not eating enough in your diet So B vitamins are really crucial all of the B vitamins, especially things like b6 and niacin Inositol. Okay. I think you should get the entire B complex together But all of the vitamins are important especially the ones that I just mentioned now as far as minerals go all the minerals are important too but magnesium is especially Important for mood and brain health. So magnesium is another one that you want to consider now another thing that does have science behind it is Essential fatty acids so things that come from fish Omega-3s EPA & DHA. These are really critical for brain health and mood and a lot of us Perhaps don’t eat enough fish. Don’t get enough of these essential fats into our diet. So supplementing with EPA and DHA can be really important as well now on the herbal side, that’s another area of controversy with the doctors because they all say that If you’re taking meds, you shouldn’t take herbs yada yada But there are places besides the United States that actually use herbs first before prescribing medication, especially in places like Germany They actually prescribe st. John’s wort instead of antidepressants as their first remedy now. I have a lot of experience using st John’s wort in my clinic and it works pretty good for most people If you are already on medication, please be mindful of this. They recommend that you don’t do both Okay so the main point here is obviously we’re all different and there’s going to be different reasons for your depression as May be mine But I figured out what mine was and I made changes to my diet to my lifestyle and over time I did get better and it’s possible for you as well. So I hope this information It was really helpful for you If you need help in this area, please let us know we can come up with a customized protocol for you We can help you with testing We can help you figure out your nutrient levels check the link below and get in touch We offer free consultations and I will also put a few links to some of the supplements that I recommended in this video But in any case if you know someone who’s suffering with depression, it can be very very scary please share this information with them guys and thank you so much for watching and I’m glad to be here with you today and I’ll You next time. Thank you

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  1. Severe depression can be very scary! In this video I share my story about how I suffered from severe depression and what I did to overcome it naturally without medications.

    It's natural to be depressed sometimes when things go wrong but it is not natural to be depressed ongoing for no reason. There is usually an underlying issue within the body. The key is to figure out what that is, in other words, get to the root cause. A common reason is gut health issues as there is a strong connection between the gut and the brain. Nutrient deficiencies are another common factor.

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