How to Break Free from Depression in 30 Days WEEK TWO

How to Break Free from Depression in 30 Days WEEK TWO

Hey there welcome to Five minutes for life.
I’m your host Ben Amos once again. Author of the book, How to Break Free from Depression,
Fear and Anxiety in 30 Days and this is the channel where we discuss how to repair, how
to Reach forward and how to respond to the greatness that lies in each every one of us.
That’s right I said greatness. In each and every one of us lies greatness but its something
that you have to like, Gold mine out of yourself. Today we are going to be talking about depression.
I am going to break down what it is and then a law that we can began to institute into
our lives to see radical change. Like the book said, in 30 Days. Depression is from
a psychological standpoint is a mood disorder. Depression simply is, and I don’t want to
make light of it but it simply is a series of thoughts that have been consistently and
constantly bombarded into your mind until they have been embedded into your subconscious.
Now, everything that you do everything that we are comes from our subconscious. Only a
small part of our mind is used to do what we see as our conscious actions. For instance
if you’re walking and talking and things like that, all of that is done subconsciously.
So when we hear thoughts and we hear words and we hear stimulation from many different
areas; songs and parents and pastors all those things create who we are. I will give you
and example of a subconscious thought. You walk into the grocery store just doing your
business, grabbing some bread grabbing some eggs and doing your thing and you’re walking
in the parking lot all the sudden this comes out of you.., Saturday, Saturday, Saturday
and you’re thinking hey! “Where did that song come from? I don’t even like Elton John and
I’m singing this song. Well that comes from that small song that’s playing in the background
that your subconscious picked up…And now it is part of your conscious. Well, that’s
how it is with depression, with mood disorders. A lot of the information that we hear, that
we are bombarded with we don’t even realize are being bombarded with it. Another thing
that we do is we allow certain things to be brought into our lives. It’s almost like we
ask for things that are dark and doom and gloom. Its lke they say misery loves company. So
you’re listening to songs where the guy left you, the girl left and everything is sad and
you call your friend and he’s balling. and your kind of getting drawn into that thing.
What you’re doing is you’re creating a subconscious stronghold in your life. And that is where
depression starts. So the first thing we want to do is we want to institute what is called
the Law of Immersion. I am going to go through it real quickly and then we”ll talk a little
more about it next time. Immersion or to immerse means to..plunge or
place under a liquid, to sink, to involve deeply, to absorb or to embed. So to get the
answer you have to begin to immerse yourself; embed yourself, to sink into the actual answer.
Because whether you knew it or not you’re being immersed into the problem. Externally
all these things are stimulating you and that is creating something in you. Hey look…we
are about at five minutes. I want to make sure that you stay with me. I want to make
that you are subscribing. That you get the book…
How to Break Free from Depression, Fear and Anxiety in 30 Days. Its on Amazon. The eBook
is only 2.99 so its a book that you can afford and its going to radically change your life.
If you know someone that is going through depression, get the book for them. Hey look
I am excited to be speaking into your life so these next several weeks we are going to
be covering some exciting but until next time two of these. Ben Amos

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  1. Clear. Concise. Informative. After suffering from depression for years, I recognized the triggers and avoiding them was not easy. Equipping ourselves with the principles and techniques you shared in your book is vital.

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