I’m Afraid My Parents Will Disown Me When They Find Out

I’m Afraid My Parents Will Disown Me When They Find Out

It started off with a simple night of sitting
down and watching TV together. Images flip back and forth across the screen. Eventually it showed a man standing in front
of a rainbow flag talking about how he owned a hotel that welcomed all couples no matter
whose sexuality. I felt my heart light up. I couldn’t help but feel the joy of people
being accepting towards others despite their differences. I glanced across the room with my dad who
was reclining on the maroon leather couch with his nose wrinkled in distaste. My little brother scoffed at the TV and turned
his head away. “Those people are disgusting I can’t
believe they would show that on TV.” The words were barely able to escape his lips
when immediate rage filled me from head to toe. “I know, I’m sorry you had to see that,”
my dad said sympathetically as if my brother had just watched someone being murdered right
before his eyes. “You can’t say that about people. They’re the same as you but with different
beliefs.” “Your brother is allowed to think what he
wants. He is right they are revolting because they’re going against God’s will.” “It isn’t your God’s will to call the people
disgusting and judge them based on their actions, is it?” I snapped. He would not want you to look
at other people without knowing them and saying they are disgusting. If anything, you’re the ones
acting vile! All people are equal.” My dad stomped towards me and got down to my level. I could
feel my body trembling with unease. “These people are in the wrong. Who are you to stand up for
them? We have every right to say what we want about them,” my dad snarled. Thoughts raced in
circles around my head. As quickly as I could squirmed away from him and made a mad dash
for my room, slamming the door behind me. The air that have been clogging my throat came
unstuck and a sob broke past my lips. I haven’t been able to stop myself from wondering ever
since that experience if that is how it will be when my parents find out. I will no longer
be their precious daughter, I’ll be a bad stain that you can’t get rid of. I’ll be looked at
as a sin rather than a person for something that I do not have control of. I have found
comfort in my few friends that have relatable problems to mine. They all tell me that there
is nothing to worry about and that once I am out of the house I can do what I want and
without having to worry about my parents. Well, I know that this is true that’s not the thing
that concerns me. I’m worried about whether or not my family will still love me and stay
in contact with me even after I tell them the truth. I have finally grown to accept myself
despite my sexuality but, I know that others won’t accept me no matter what I do. But maybe that’s
okay. The people who take me in and love me as I am currently are the people I should keep
near me and never let go of and hopefully my family will be included in that group someday

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