Know when Anxiety is Talking –  TVC (60)

Know when Anxiety is Talking – TVC (60)

MAN: OK, Peter. I think you know
what this chat’s about. Well, this is…
This is never easy, is it? You’ve been struggling
over the past few months. You’ve let the team down. I mean, surely you must know
what they think of you. (SCOFFS) You’re not coping. So, look, I’m sorry,
but it’s not working. You see, the bottom line is…’re just not good enough. You are a failure. Just because you have a young family,
that’s no reason to keep you on. I mean, quite frankly, Peter, you’d
think a grown man could look after… (DOOR OPENS) WOMAN: Pete! Hi. Sorry about
the last-minute catch-up. So there’s this job
I want your input on. It’s very similar to
the one we have just completed, but the timelines are much tighter. VOICEOVER: Is it you
or anxiety talking? Visit beyondblue to start
a life beyond anxiety.

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