My Depression Experience & Recovery  – Rania’s Story  | headspace

My Depression Experience & Recovery – Rania’s Story | headspace

(gentle piano music) – (Rania) I was just really outgoing, really friendly, always busy. I would talk to anyone. I never really worried about
anything much, other than… Are my friends gonna
think my shoes are cool or things like that? The way I thought about
everything began to change. The things that I worried
about were day-to-day things like homework or problems with my
friends or fights with my sister
or my parents anymore. I’d think about how lonely I was. It was definitely affecting
the way that I was living like I wouldn’t do assignments. I’d go through different phases of
either hating being around people or hating being by myself, not wanting to be like
alone with my thoughts. I just went between feeling
almost to physically in pain to feeling just numb, like almost
nothing, and I don’t know which one of
those two things was worse. I didn’t know I was depressed at
first. I didn’t know that that’s
what was happening to me. I thought that what I had in my head was actually a clear view of life. With my friends, I would
really put in an effort to keep the happy face on. I think that there would only have
been three or four people that I was at high school
with that would have known that I was depressed. I started fighting with my friends ’cause they were telling
me, “You’re not okay. “You need to go and get some help. “You need to go and talk to someone.” I didn’t want to because I didn’t think
that anyone could help. I didn’t think that I deserved help and I just didn’t see a way out of
it. I felt so bad about myself,
but I cared about my friends and I cared about my family, so for the sake of
those people, I guess that was the first thing that
motivated me to want things to change. The process of going to a doctor and going to speak to someone
who I never met before about what was going on
was really, really scary. To me, these professionals
were just terrifying and anonymous and I just didn’t understand what they could possibly do for me. I think it was my school counsellor recommended that I go to headspace and my first appointment with
headspace was with a youth worker,
not a psychologist and they were young and
they just chatted to me and I felt listened to and to me that really helped. It’s actually a really comfortable
place. They don’t write off your problems as just teenage angst or moodiness. You just get the impression that nothing is too big or too small. It’s just a much less
intimidating environment than I’d imagined. I think the most valuable thing that
I got from going to headspace
was learning strategies and learning techniques
to be able to help myself. To recognise when I wasn’t coping and how to deal with that. Even if the depression comes back I know that I can get through it,
because I’ve already done it before. I know that there’s
people who can help me. I know that I can help
myself. I have that strength. Everyone’s unhappy sometimes.
That’s not unhealthy. What is unhealthy is when you
can’t admit to being unhappy and when you can’t turn to someone. Headspace helped me learn
how to turn to someone. Learning how to talk about
what I was going through just changed everything for the
better in terms of my
relationships with my family and my friends. Talk to someone. Go to headspace. Go to eHeadspace and chat to
someone online or on the phone. Go to your mum and tell
her that your feeling bad. Go to your teacher, if you
have a teacher that you like. Go to anyone and talk to someone. Keep on trying, because there
is someone who can help you.

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  1. One thing I really loved about this story was the acknowledgement for a lot of people to not want to do anything about their situation; because of not caring, the situation being too hard or even just not knowing where to turn. A really good job with this one guys 🙂 I look forward to seeing more.

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