My domestic violence story

My domestic violence story

hi babies um I hope everyone's been well I think good everyone's been bout um this video um sorry I'm like about to leave real quick so I have like my sweater on and stuff but um I wanted to do this video it's a weird because I was on tumblr last night and I saw a certain post and the post actually triggered me and made me start crying and um I don't know if you seen it it's the it's the chipset of the super balls on the new domestic violence um the the video I don't know if you seen it she's basically like I'm calling the police but acting like it's the pizza it's a pizza place and um and it just I'm trying to remember it so bear with me seen it last night too um actually started crying I remember because you know it's it's weird coming to talk about it um I've been in one of those relationships and I want to talk about it I feel like I have to because I've seen the gifs and I started crying so basically there's some demons in me that I need to just talk about so probably I'll feel better and the gipset she basically calls 9-1-1 and um which calls 9-1-1 she goes hi um I like to order a pepperoni pizza and they go um ma'am this is the emergency line and she goes um uh dammit I'm sure I remember it I know she goes on yeah I like this this and then they're basically the accent like it's someone in the house with you and she goes yeah that's fine and um she goes they go oh um is the percent of room with you can you talk and then she goes no no thank you I don't want that and then um they go okay we're setting officer to you um something something and she goes alright um see you someone and it's just tricking me made me start crying because I know how I feels to be scared I really don't want to cry in this video um I really don't want to just for the simple fact that I know how scary it is to be in one of those relationships um to feel vulnerable very weak uh its ear like my eyes they're getting watery nose they don't do it um basically my story I'm talking about this not because I would pity or anything come on bear with me I'm basically talking about it because I actually know people who are also and have been and you know abusive relationships and they stood with the person and that's why I friendship did end um but my relationship was it was literally like I loved him and it was my that was my hero to me at the time and I loved it it was he was my everything and I'm you know I remember they all started it first started verbally he's always verbally abused me I remember and he um you know I'm not doing this video to like talk shit whatever I just feel like I had to talk about it so for the people are going to commissary stupid things come on um it's like really hard to talk about so weird um okay makes me feel like I'm weak I'm not weak doesn't love and I'm it's like I first started cuz he's always verbally abuse me and it was a weird cuz you know you take it as or whatever it's arguing it's arguing but after water gets a certain point where it's like this is not arguing anymore like my neck like this hurts like you know you start feeling like a certain type of way and it's just it's not good and um I think the first time I ever got hit was um I forgot what I know I had my phone in my hand and I do it and I got really upset because I thought it kind of hit them because they were yelling at me and it was like late it was like 2:00 3:00 in the morning I just don't want to deal with it cuz just came from work and he ended up snuffing me and you know I say like oh he snuffed me jokingly but you know he hit me and this whole thing is rolling home yeah and from there I felt like it escalated he started getting more angry with me and as always had try to calm him down and it was so we're cuz and the relationship actually always had to talk like a baby and I had to be like oh why you being so mean and um edges it wasn't good um and then I got to a certain point where I I was eating sunflower seeds and um I had a big bowl sunflower seeds and he knocked them on my hand and they all fell on the floor and I just I was about to like cry so I went to the bathroom and I started crying when I came out the bathroom um my mom I remember her going Bev are you okay and I was like I'm fine I'm peeing on mothers could tell like when something's wrong with you and I remember her going on Bevell like what's wrong um by the way many things babble in the family that's what my mom and you know my brother's family call me but um she and then he walks in and he literally walks in and I remember him going on hey what what's wrong with you what are you okay and I lost it I started crying I was like I'm not a bad person I literally started feeling like I was a bad person I felt like why me why do I gotta get put through this and I started screaming and I was throwing the pillows and I was pointing at him and I was like I'm not a bad person so I'm making me feel like I'm a bad person and my mom was like what's going on I was like mom I don't want him here and it was just bad um baby are you crying me don't he's crying oops writing um and I just it was bad I don't know maybe I feel like me talking about my story will kind of help people know that there's other people have been through it and I'm you know alone you know I always tell people you don't know how it feels to you're actually in the relationship people always be like oh I wish I was in a relationship like that because you know I will never let someone treat me like that and you don't know because you're not in the relationship it's hard it's really hard um and I think the last straw for me was um I remember I wanted to leave their house I'm staying at their house and they were yelling at me because I wanted to stay in the living room I didn't want to be in the room with them because they kept just yelling at me in front of their mother and I'm like stop like sup yelling at me and I'm then his mom is like oh stop yelling at Jose and he go you know he was getting her to like a whole don't fucking tell me what to do he was just a very angry person it was weird he was very sweet beginning but you never know hope you will turn out and him he ended up I never leave I was crying in the room and the next morning I left no no that same night I love not next morning I laugh and I remember when I laugh um he followed me and I was getting I was about to he went to like do the Train thing you don't think that helped over a night my the when I went to jail video the the turnstile thing he went away and when he went away you know you supposed to swipe to go through I turned around and I tried leaving like I didn't want to get on the train with him I didn't want him to take me home I just wanted to get away with from him and he actually um he got out he pushed me against the wharf and everyone and I just um I remember hitting like the back of my head really really hard because he pushed me against the wall I banged my head I don't uh he ended up hitting me like beating bad um and I remember crying bad um I remember when I call the police they actually told me um when the police officer came he goes oh don't worry tomorrow you're just kind of make up and soon as they don't want me to he told me that like you're gonna make up just leave it like how you gonna tell me like police officers are assholes um and from that day I remember I went home crying my whole head was swollen um my mom was you know I was crying on her so she calls him and she goes oh how dare you put your hands on my son and blah blah blah that was like the first time you know she knew she didn't know about the previa times or anything annum he tells her hahaha that's why I beat the shit out of your son and I just started crying I felt weak vulnerable foe like why me why I had to get put through days like I know I'm a good person um and it just it didn't help because you know I had the pressure and I still had the question you know I been going through depression for like seven eight years now the pressure inside that literally never goes away it comes and goes and to go to that is just was a downward spiral for me like why and um yeah that's like my story I only wanted to tell my story because I actually feel better talking about it um I only told like two people three people before but now the whole world's going to know but I just I don't know I feel as though don't ever let someone put you like that don't let them make you feel like less than what you're worth you know don't it's hard but there's people like me that come on you know I I walk around like I'm the strongest person but if you look at my past I didn't do everything and I just that's what I felt like I have to say it like for me to cry at a gipset it just made me like um it made me really get like wow like this is something I'm really really like you know and this happened almost two years ago when I'm still hurting so it's just something that Tori like someone put you to that and I'm telling you this now it's not pretty it's not you know it's not fun it's it's just that relationship is not healthy it hurts you my health was really decreasing remember how I said never really post videos that's why because I was always stressing and arguing and fighting and my health was just bad I always ended up in ICU and I was always an emergency room it always was now you know I'm able to do videos now I'm better now you know um sorry now my life is getting better and I'm doing so many projects and I'm finally happy with who I am and who I'm becoming because I finally let that go you know people don't understand what a relationship like that can do to you it really can destroy you it can really push you to want to do drugs it can really push you to want to drink it can really push you to want to smoking it's just that's not I really want to go through um but yeah I really just felt like I had so much talked about it it really affect them either the video just because I don't do it so enjoy this video um I don't want pity I really don't care for pity um I really don't I just felt the need to let this out so if you like um subscribe to my channel like comment um if you've been to experience like this and how did you break free when you break free and yeah babies um I love you so much and thank you for watching this this was like diary for me you know we say certain videos are like Diaries for me and just thank you for listening thank you because I know you're listening and I think that's what makes me feel better because I know that there's people that are listening so just know don't ever let someone make you less than what you were and know what you know just you alright I love you there's plenty of I love you whatever let someone like that treat you like shit and if you're in one of those relationships um get out get out it's only going to escalate and if he hits you once and he says he's sorry he's not sorry alright he may be sorry for his actions a moment but it will happen again and it may get worse for me it got worse within time so you know taking from someone actually experienced it but um I love you

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  1. this video made me feel so close to you like i felt like my aunt was giving me a life lesson and when i you said i love you i felt like i was about to give you a hug, like honestly i adore and youre like that aunt you can come to with anything and you'll just undersatnd.

  2. I love your piercings and your personality! Thank you for sharing, it helped me to better cope with my own abuse story.

  3. This made me tear up a little bit. I know I was 12 or 13 at the time so I was in middle school but my ex used to verbally abuse me, I know that now I didn't know that back then. I would always go back to him because I loved him and I thought he loved me. I officially left him when I was a sophomore in high school I'm 17 now and I'm a senior I still have trust issues I'm hoping in time those trust issues will go away.

  4. I think you are amazing and you have encouraged me to VLOG my domestic violence story so I hope you will say hi..

  5. I went through this it's very inspirational to me that u were brave enough to say your story I wish I had a friend like u to talk to about my abuse thanks for being you and staying strong!😍

  6. I'm crying watching this my dad is verbally and pyscologically abusive and your words and story triggered me .. no hate I love you queen ❤

  7. I don't know why I haven't found your channel before. But I know how it feels to talk about things like these, like you feel like people won't take you seriously or like they won't believe you. And that sucks. I'm really happy you got to talk about this, you're so strong, I look up to you! Much love from Spain! <3

  8. words of wisdom 💯 teared me up. it's harder than all of y'all think rs. keep moving forward 💜💯

  9. how can a person do that to you, ….u is cute ur face is so damn flawless you don't deserve it at all no one does we all love you and care for you❤💛💚💙💜💝💝(👈🌈showing pride 👈💖💖💖💖💖)

  10. Thanks for sharing – it's okay to cry.  You're not weak – it takes great strength to tell a story like yours.   On a side note, you have beautiful eyes.  Take care.

  11. I've never been physically abused but emotionally & verbally yes, I'm so proud of you for overcoming that & just becoming better ❤️ truly inspiring.

  12. You're so courageous! thank you for being brave to share this story. 🙂 keep on being the most amazing person that you are!! <3

  13. When you said I'm not weak I was in love I think my heart shattered, love you so much❤️❤️

  14. Its hard to talk about issues that happen in your personal life. As a young boy and entering my teenage years I experienced domestic violence with my father hitting my mother so many times 14 years that's the number of years my father hit my mother for because he was an alcoholic and didn't care just because. Crazy thing how it all ended was he died of a brain aneurysm. Thank you Jose and god bless you always

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