Sky Williams Gives Good and Bad Depression Advice in AMA

Sky Williams Gives Good and Bad Depression Advice in AMA

you know how when you save the game and
the game goes like oh don’t turn off the power and if you turn off the power of
the file gets corrupted you have to delete it and start over again
I believe that when depression hits you your file is corrupted
somewhere along the line your file I got corrupted and now you’re living in this
world that’s corrupted a safe hour where every terrible and dark and there’s no
way out and you got to just delete that sky Williams just came back with his series
slam a where he answers a bunch of people’s questions and a lot of them
more about depression he gives some very good advice about depression as well as
a little bit of bad advice so let’s break this thing down this is Chris from
the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if
you’re new to my channel my channel is all about mental health and what I like
to do is pull different topics from the YouTube community to try to teach you
how to improve your mental and emotional well-being so if any of that kind of
stuff makes you subscribe and bring that
notification bell so before I get started like I keep myself in check and
I love all of you for keeping me in check and pointing out different things
to try to teach you how to improve but something of a big advocate of is
humility and staying humble right and this is why I always tell you that you
need to keep people around who tell you what you need to hear and not what you
want to hear so I’ve mentioned that we have a discord server it’s gotta be
linked down in the description comments come join but there is a specific
channel in there for video suggestions right and somebody recommended this sky
Williams video she was like yeah new videos about depression and it’s really
good and my ego came out to play I’m like you know what I don’t even want to
make that video I actually tweeted out I’m like I don’t think I’m gonna make a
video about this but here go watch it because it was a really good video and
my reason why here’s my reason why right and this is why we need to keep people
around to call us out on our beer I was like you know what I’m like I love Scott
Williams I love Scott Williams so much and I’m so proud of him but this fool
it’s like I don’t exist so I don’t want to make a video about him right and here
is what she says to me so in the discord queen unlikable says I say go for it he
makes some great points and if you think would make a good video that absolutely
plus like you always say it’s not really for them although hopefully yes they see
it in a house but the message is for whoever watches the video subscribers
and anyone else who comes across the video who may find what you have to say
helpful that’s how I found your channel honestly so as much as it would be
better if he were to acknowledge and see your video if you think the video will
be overall helpful that I say do whatever you want and make the video
whether he sees it himself or not even though obviously it would be ideal for
him to watch it but that’s just my humble opinion damn it
clean up likable calling me out of my own stuff I love it and absolutely
absolutely like you guys part of the issue with growing and one of my biggest
fears is changing right because I’m always trying to teach you to watch
other people and see what happens to them and learn from their mistakes and
you see how people begin to grow and change so I need people like all of you
like Queen unlikable in discord to call me up because she’s absolutely waiting I
tell you guys all the time this video isn’t for the youtubers it’s for all of
you so in that moment in that moment I got very selfish and self-centred and I
was about to deny you guys some mental health advice some really good mental
health advice because I’m upset this guy Williams doesn’t acknowledge my
existence like how selfish and self-centered is that real quick y’all
get some people get really upset but I call people’s selfish and self-centered
but it’s the truth it’s the truth and most the time we don’t even realize it
and this intro is way too long some of your gonna complain about it but sorry
you just got a little bit of a story time so anyways two ago I made a video
about Skye Williams he came back and I talked about how he overcame depression
I’ll link it up in the info card very good video I love this dude he’s
hilarious very unique and I just think he’s like a genius with the way that he
does his videos he’s amazing anyways series I never saw it before it’s called
slay and unless people have some questions on Twitter so he’s back and he
finally a lot of people have some questions about depression and there’s
some very good tips in there I don’t want to break it down and explain why
these are good tips the therapeutic as well scientific
backing for some of them it wasn’t just one thing that happened in my personal
life that was bad what depression kind of does is it takes your mind and just
that and then puts it back in your head it’s a vicious cycle and it’s gross but
not everything that went bad was because of depression right I mean it certainly
wasn’t the present that made YouTube strike me for no reason that is an
excellent point that is an excellent point and this is why it’s important to
understand what depression is and why I make so many videos that aren’t just
about like mental illness as a disorder like so much of our mental health is
based on just life circumstances so it’s awesome if Scott pointed out like a lot
of what he was going through was depression but some things were just
like yo that sucked like you guys sometimes we just get unlucky you know
what I mean like right now I don’t know if you’re gonna hear it but they’re like
trimming trees right outside that’s not my depression you see what I mean it’s
important to distinguish the two because something I talked to you guys about is
this psychological thing called the the locus of control right and internal
locus of control helps you with your depression and anxiety because when you
have an internal locus of control you believe that you’re in control of most
of your outcomes so with Scott Williams acknowledges that everything was because
of his clinical depression now you can start moving and shifting things in your
own lifestyle to try to make things better what has been your biggest weapon
to fight depression could others use it to alcohol don’t do don’t use that you
shouldn’t drink when you’re depressed but damn it’s fun especially with your
with people alcohol PSAs piss me off so much it’s
like in my head when I hear like don’t drink I’m like alcohol is accessible and
fun and in moderation could be a great stress reliever and it brings us
together and it makes straight men kind of act a little curious I’m just saying
so I’ll be honest this is the only the only bad tip and sky Williams was joking
but it gives me the opportunity to talk about this say that alcohol helps
depression now you know I don’t drink I’ve been sober for a while that’s cool
if you drink that’s totally cool all right but I just wanted to touch on this
because I just talked about it in my Tana mojo enabling video this goes back
to the habit loop like for example did you know the leading cause of addiction
whether it’s alcohol or sup or drugs right it’s mental illness and one of the
reasons is because of that habit loop that reason is because of
self-medicating so I explained yesterday that the habit loop is a trigger
behavior and award reward right and once you go through that loop it lays down
the memory and your brain to your brain knows to do that again
so what I’m trying to explain is is if every time you get depressed you drink
alcohol and you feel better your brain is saying oh okay so the next time I
feel depressed drink alcohol and I’ll feel better and you keep doing that
that’s how a dependency is created because your brain is training itself to
go for a substance every time you feel a certain way all right this is why a huge
part of treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy and what that is it’s
swapping out an old unhealthy behavior with a new healthy one I made it kind of
like a mission every month I want to find an RPG or really any game that I
like that I normally wouldn’t pick up and I want to beat it from start to
finish and what really helped me is that when I finished a game when I
accomplished it it really helped me put small goals into perspective because
it’s really easy to look at everything you’re doing and be like well oh that’s
just so much there’s so many things but when you beat an RPG like that or when
you beat a video game like the game will teach you small steps and large steps
and you get a bigger sense of accomplishment especially when you’re
finished oh my god oh my god this is what I keep telling you guys this is
what I keep telling you guys and I’m so glad you brought up video games okay so
we mentioned in a lot of my videos is if you want to work on your depression set
up small achievable goals for yourself like I always say you don’t have to do
everything just do something so something I always say it’s like just
you know get out of bed just take a shower that day just like clean one room
of your house do something because when you set up small achievable goals your
brain actually gets those spurts of dopamine and serotonin which helps you
get out of depression so Scott Williams talks about how he’s made in a new
mission of his to get a video game every month that he hasn’t played play it all
the way through and beat it and that’s an accomplishment like you guys do you
understand do you understand what we’re saying like you can literally if your
goal is to play a video game then do it like I don’t care if you want to read
for an hour that day I don’t care if you want to beat a video game I don’t care
if you want a knit crochet meditate set up small achievable goals for yourself
they can like this is why you crap them to what you’re into and this will help
your depression okay hey YouTube started to look like Fox News and I was like hmm
I just felt this compelling need to try to make YouTube fun again in any way
that I can and making content is one of those ways so I’m here this right here
is great and I can really relate to that so Skye Williams is kind of back because
he found this like call to action okay now I will say real quick you got to
find a balance between life trying to save everything or your Figo getting in
the way thinking like oh I’m gonna save you two because the platforms you know
there’s so much negative content but we gotta look at these things that’s a call
to action so I’ll share my personal experience it started when I used to go
to meetings back in the day still go to meetings sometimes but when I would go
to meetings and I’ll go to meetings and there were just such a bummer right like
sometimes people were just in there and all they were talking about was the
problem and no solution and I mean 12-step meetings by the way these
weren’t like work meetings anyways people just talked about the problem and
like I was very self-conscious and had social anxiety and I didn’t want to
share but it was suggested to me that maybe that feeling I’m getting is a call
to action like maybe I should be the one to share and maybe shift the momentum of
that meeting maybe shifted from
just like downer negative meeting and shifted into that positive kind of swing
of things right so I’ve taken that philosophy and I’ve used it in the rest
of my life like what are the only reasons I have this channel was because
I was so sick and tired of seeing like different websites out there that were
just like talking about the problem with mental illness and giving no solutions
no suggestions at all I was tired of watching youtubers out here just talking
about depression and giving no solutions at all
so I’ve made this channel and I have my little tagline we talked about the
problem but focus on the solution because I saw a problem and I wanted to
help with it right this is something that makes it a long time ago in a
different video but my my view on complaining is I do not complain about
anything unless I’m willing to do something about it so I’m not gonna sit
around whining and complaining about other youtubers or other websites or
whatever it is that’s all I’m actually willing to do something about it so
that’s why I started this channel so think about that in your own life like
what what is something that’s causing you turmoil what’s something that’s
making you depressed what’s something in this world right but maybe it’s your
neighborhood maybe it’s a family maybe it’s you know whatever it is just think
of something if you don’t like it do something about it
look at that as a call to action to make this world just a little bit better of a
place at Josh spike curb I ask this as a longtime fan and someone is rooting for
you and career in life in general what’s different this time what separates this
comeback from the five or six other times you’ve quit and come back damn
okay you’re right all the best love from Seattle
yeah man taught me he’s like I’ve seen this before this is one of my favorite
questions and it’s so interesting like you guys know how my brain works Tanis
I’m always trying to find these like similarities I try to teach you guys
find the similarities rather than the differences this question that Skye
Williams got about like what’s different this time what’s different about your
depression this time like I can relate to it with my addiction right as
somebody who had multiple relapses is somebody who constantly let my family
down as somebody who costly
my son’s mother down somebody who costly let my friends down right how many times
did I say I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m gonna change I’m gonna change I relapsed
multiple times multiple times right and you know but this last time over you
know over six years ago this time was gonna be different when I first got
sober I kept telling everybody this time is going to be different right and
people ask me the same thing what’s different what’s different now I’m like
dang you right like what is different and this is so important this is so
important from both sides of this okay but something I always try to teach you
is actions speak louder than words okay this is what shows change this is
what shows that you’re actually sorry like I can say sorry a million times but
like the reality is like you’re not gonna be able to forgive somebody
overnight you’re not able to going to be able to see change overnight like so the
Scott Williams case the only thing he can do is prove with his actions how
it’s different maybe he’s taking care of his mental health more maybe he’s
documenting it maybe he started therapy the biggest indicator is going to be if
he consistently makes videos I’ve been following Skye Williams for about a year
now and this is the most consistent I’ve seen him in the entire time and it’s
just been three weeks right so I can see he’s moving in that right direction
but for me personally my actions spoke louder than words by staying clean
staying sober becoming a better person like for example how many of you have
anger issues and you’re constantly snapping at people who love and care
about you you’re like sorry I’m so sorry I’m sorry about that right but then they
just do it again you just do it again because you’re not doing anything to
work on your anger issues so remember that remember that your actions speak
louder than words I’m really emphasizing this point because I have clients who
call me all the time and they say why don’t they trust me yet why don’t they
believe me yet why haven’t they forgiven me yet and I’m just like because you’re
not doing anything or you’re just being impatient like especially for people
like we’ve done things for years we’ve done awful things for years like we’ve
done something for years and then we expect somebody to forgive us and like a
week think about that logic real quick especially when you’re still holding a
grudge against some kid from eighth grade who like stole your lunch or
something silly like so
it’s very hard for you to let go of things so why do you expect other people
to let go of things that you’ve done so easily man I love slam maze it’s been so long
since I’ve done one and like every every single one of these is like so
thoughtful and actually sweet as hell everyone’s so nice I’m not saying like
oh I don’t deserve it or anything but like you know when you’re in trouble
with your mom and you’re expecting her to like beat you with a fish or just
like yell at you but then like she doesn’t say anything and you’re like
we’ll just punish me like please get it over it hit me Mom you yes but not least
talk about this gratitude that Scott Williams has it’s not even just
gratitude but this kind of shock you know what I mean that people are being
so kind and nice to him when he’s you know quote-unquote screwing up even
though he’s dealt with mental health issues like yeah I just made a video
about this about you know how I don’t deserve my amazing friends like there’s
a there’s definitely a balance with this because I know a lot of us we struggle
with negative self-talk we think we’re not good enough and all of that and like
we need to realize like like Skye Williams just has a very caring
compassionate audience yes people who are right or Daffy people who understand
and empathize and we need to accept that from people we need to accept that
people love and care about us and forgive us and give us second chances
you know what I mean because some people who don’t forgive us and don’t give us a
second chance like sometimes we don’t deserve it but sometimes they don’t
deserve us either and it’s just better that they’re out of our lives right
Scott Williams was close to a million subscribers he’s lost a ton of
subscribers but now he’s a chance to rebuild with a very solid fan base who
loves what he’s doing you see what I mean so be willing to accept the
forgiveness that people give you if they do forgive you okay use their love like
it’s a cliche old saying oh man me I made a song about this a while back but
let them love you until you learn how to love yourself and another plug for the
discord server come join the discourse
okay because that is a place where we give you love and will love you until
you learn how to love yourself alright anyways let me know down in the comments
below are there any of these depression tips that you can use or anything that
you can relate to alright or let me know this what is that small achievable goal
that you’re gonna give yourself on a weekly basis or a daily basis or a
monthly basis are you gonna read are you gonna play a video game are you gonna
meditate what is your small achievable goal that you’re gonna do alright many
ways that’s all I got for this video if you like this video please give it a
thumbs up if you’re new make sure you subscribe and bring that notification
bell because I make a ton of videos and a huge thank you to all of these
beautiful people where sign up over on patreon we use these last few seconds to
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right now for as the dollar tear I would like if you get more but at least a
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coming up alright so thanks so much for watching I’ll see you soon

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