Slow Processing Speed and Anxiety

Slow Processing Speed and Anxiety

A lot of the kids that we care a lot about
have what might be referred to as a processing disorder or slow information processing. That means that they experience things in
their environment, it takes them a little longer than other kids to work things out,
to let those things go into their brain. Slow processing speed has an impact on the
experience that a child is having with his or her environment. You consider this, if you’re in school and
your teacher is delivering content to you, and it’s at a certain rate, like the speed
of my voice right now, and the speed of your processing skills is slightly out of sync
with that delivery, you’re going to have some catching up to do. You’re going to have to have some ability
to fill in. And the longer that stream of information
comes to you, whether it’s through your eyes or your ears or your body, the longer it will
take you to keep up, and you tend to fall farther and farther behind. So what happens typically is, you leave out
chunks. You say, “I don’t have time.” This is all happening inside, instantaneously. Your brain is saying, “I can’t keep up with
this, so stop the tape there. Let’s pick it up where we just dropped it
and keep going from there.” So, you have holes in your learning as a result
of that. So your teacher then asks you a comprehension
question, and that’s where the dead spot was in your tape, and you can’t get it, and you
feel dumb, and you’re embarrassed. If you’re that student, there’s a kind of
a panic. You’re saying, “Oh my goodness. I really missed that. And I keep missing little pieces. And I’ve got holes in my learning. And I’m a bright student, I’m a good student,
but I don’t feel very bright right now. What do I do?” So, kids are having to constantly catch themselves
to say, “Wait a minute. OK, I missed a piece of this. What’s the worst thing that would happen?” And if the answer to that is, “I will fail. I will never go to college,” if their anxiety
level is really high, that’s a big problem. If the worst thing that’s going to happen
is, like, “I’ll have to go in after class and say, ‘I missed that part, can I have a
copy of your notes?'” Those are compensatory skills that allow a
child to stay in control, and not feel the stress and anxiety to such a great degree.

One thought on “Slow Processing Speed and Anxiety”

  1. He exactly talks about me man
    Now im 30 i still never passed high school nor i have a job

    I also have delayed sleep phase disorder

    If you understand 1 page in 1 minute

    I need 5 minutes to catch the info

    Also i have lots of brain fog

    Bad at math

    I forget my last 30 sec of amazing idea
    Humans like laptops

    Some of them like old cpu vs new cpu fast pc

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