STORY OF SAM | A Story of Depression

STORY OF SAM | A Story of Depression

WOOJONG OPPA This is Sam’s story The truth is we all know a Sam While listening ask yourself are you Sam? Let’s begin Sam had a fairly standard, poverty upbringing in a single mother household It didn’t matter to him because at the end of the day he still had his mom by his side Money and especially not having enough never really phased him There was more to life than just cash And Sam realized this at four years old Even before kindergarden Never wanted riches or fortune Just to be happy More on this later… Sam was a special kid You see Sam was naturally gifted in many areas Musically gifted with the violin Excelled at academics earning top marks Despite his rather small size he dominated in athletics And was always a leader In the playground or classroom Every teacher told his mom that Sam had a very bright future ahead of him Unfortunately Sam was also a ‘YES Man’ Sam listened to and obeyed rules no matter what Never colouring outside the lines Staying safe in a bubble Very obedient like a well trained dog So much potential but never followed his heart Consequently life eventually became stale and mundane Yet never questioned if things could be different Never probed deeper with a ‘WHY?’ Just accepted the situation as it was ‘Things can’t change’ and he just wanted to safe and stay comfortable However… there was a flip side to his well mannered ways HE… WAS A DREAMER Always creative and mirrored the imagination of an innocent philosopher Essentially a deep thinker with so many passions in his heart Sam was happiest when he was in front of people entertaining them Proudly carrying around the nickname ‘class clown’ during his school days Sam knew even from a young age he was meant to be an entertainer or become a public figure He loved being a position of positive influence and being a role model for others Yet the rules of society and family expectations made him think it was unattainable Impossible And definitely not the correct route for him because it is too risky As such Sam put those dreams on the back burner on low heat And instead started chasing his more… third-party influenced realistic dream By luck and god’s grace he was admitted to a prestigious military university and Sam tried his best to blend in To uphold the tradition of his school His true dream… Was further suffocated and depressed Sam associated with people he didn’t even like or fit in with just to play the role In order to become one of them The main attribute why he didn’t like them was the fact that they were dream killers ‘Consistent career, steady paycheck, insurance, retirement plan’ type of people You know the type of people concerned with status, title and salary More so… than happiness, impacting others or even achieving their real dream This killed him deep down inside But he learned to adapt Learned to drown out the negative noise… To a certain extent That’s the remarkable thing about the human race No matter what conditions we are faced with With an adequate amount of time we can adjust and survive However the level of satisfaction is greatly affected Sam wore a smile on his face for many years Yet deep down he was dying And in unimaginable pain blind to others He was attaining objectives of life set by society To fulfill others expectations To please others To become a man that is respectable by the masses of society Such a burden he carried Spiritually a heavy load So behind that smile The smile he showed to the outside world There was much pain behind it Pain he couldn’t confessed to others because he had to become one of them He assimilated and blended in And he didn’t want to blow his cover The fact is Sam knew there was more to life than what he was doing right now He wasn’t exactly sure what But knew the current life style he was living was not compatible with his morals, values and belief system He knew he wanted to change the world but wasn’t sure how He knew that it would be impossible with the current route he was on One day he woke up and realized he was circumstantially and situationally depressed And as such he dreaded every morning to the point where he preferred to be dead and not wake up The evening was also the enemy because at night when he lied in bed… He could not fall asleep because he was preoccupied with thinking and worrying too much He was a prisoner of his own mind Because of picking a road that had been shaped by others There is nothing more pathetic and unfortunate than the man who knows his purpose in life yet does not pursue it Sam was learning this lesson the hard way Taking many detours and gravitating toward the path of the many whenever there was fork in the road His entire life he had listened to others, put his passions in the back closet and was a participant of the deferred gratification What a way to live life (!) I WAS SAM But now I am enlightened and awakened Life is too precious to freaking waste and take for granted like this The opportunities that I have some people would do anything for Yet for 24 years I was not living life to the fullest But rather going to a job that I absolutely dreaded Where I spent about 14 hours a day or 75% of my time in a year at That’s a lot of time I’ll never get back So if I can inspire one of you please listen to me The lesson learned here is that you should follow your heart Forget what everybody else says If your truly passionate about something and you know it is what truly brings meaning to your life Do what ever you can to feed it faith and drown your doubts It’s going to be a hard road but it’s going to be so worth it in the end Once you join me on the road less travelled You’ll understand what I’m saying Because some nights you’ll go to sleep feeling so hungry from not having enough money to buy food And more offend than not you’ll want give up Whenever more safe and secure job offers pop up Or when the people around you encourage you to give up The temptations will be all around you to quit Once you actually start chasing the life you always envisioned and no will bring you intrinsic peace with your heart It’s a dangerous road guys Following you heart is definitely not going to be easy But what I need for you to grasp is that, even when everyone around you tells you that you can’t do it you need to believe in yourself Sometimes you will be the only one to have your back Learn to become your own best friend Enjoy being alone and find comfort in your own solitude Only when you feel comfortable in your own skin will you ever be ready to chase your dreams Self love and appreciating your own company is so important my frien Sometimes the only person that will have your back… is you I’m telling you this because this is the truth For some of us, one day we might find ourselves on the floor of your bedroom crying your eyes out And who is going to be there for you? Who? That’s right You You have to find comfort in yourself You need to find strength in yourself You want to become your own best fan and supporter Anyways, only after leaving behind my own mentality and aged mindset of living life to fulfill others expectations That I ever learned to finally breathe and realized that I was free And being free is one of the most liberating and refreshing feelings in the world And when you are free you are one step closer to true inner happiness Because when you are free, you can become the person you were meant to become What a beautiful story ready to unfold for you If you make it to the end of this video I want you to comment down below Free your heart, release your happiness I’ll say it again Free your heart, release your happiness And I truly hope this video helped some of you guys out Actually as a matter of fact I know this video will help some people if you take it to heart And with that said Bye SUBTITLES BY KIEREN KOONER

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  1. How do I free my self. But still keep god by myself. My religion keeps me going, but I want much more. I want my questions to be answered, I want this weight attached to me to be lifted. I want my clouded judgment to be clear. I want to cry I want to cry and scream and jump I want to beat my self I want to die….. I question my existence, I question everything but one I remember is everything happens for reason and Allah (god) is always by my side . I want to let go. I just want to be FREE I WANT FREEDOM WITHIN MY SOUL. I NEED UNDERSTANDING. I WANT TO CRY SOOOO MUCH. THIS PAIN IS EATING ME UP I JUST WANT TO DIE……

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