Stress (T-TiME Season 1 Episode 4)

Stress (T-TiME Season 1 Episode 4)

Welcome back to T-TiME. We’re talking
about stress, so… kettle. I forgot what you use to make tea there for a second! Get your kettle on, sit down, relax, and get ready to learn.
Cheers! I’m not worthy. Do my piece? -Do your piece. Hi, it’s Clare from the 3Ts, mental health coordinator, and psychotherapist. 𝄞 Ahhhhh 𝄞 So this is Chloe, she can’t help being adorable and relieving stress anyway. -There’s a lot
of research that goes to saw that having a pet, and walking a pet, cuddling a pet,
just being around an animal can be really good for your stress levels, so
that’s why we brought Chloe here today. It’s really bad for my attention span. I’m not paying attention here at all, because I’m so distracted, but this is
actually really important so stop looking at the dog and pay attention!
What are we talking about? A lot of us feel stress, Clare. I find that it’s
like my petrol sometimes, that it really keeps me going. There are points, it
becomes a little too much. Does that change for every person? What is that?
Everybody’s ability to deal with stress is different, yes. But there are actually two
types of stress, and it’s really important to talk about them, so the first one is good
stress or ‘You-Stress’, and it’s that stress that you’re talking about the one that
helps motivate you, helps us seek out change and helps us deal with that feeling it’s also
the stress that occurs when we’re going to the airport and we’re worried about forgetting our passport, and our ticket, did we pack enough bikinis, have we brought our toothbrush? Chloe’s felt that. Chloe needs, like, 8 bikini tops and one bottom,
so she finds it very rare to shop for them. That’s one type of stress, but of course
you realise once you get to the airport of course, you’ve got your ticket, and
your passport, and you can just buy a toothbrush when get to the other side, so
that’s good stress. It’s short-term, short lived, and there’s a
very obvious cause. And it’s completely justified! Forgetting your toothbrush makes you feel gross. Absolutely. But, then you’ve got bad stress, or distress.
So, that’s the one that people tend to talk about a little bit more, so that’s when you’re afraid of losing your job, or losing your house, or there’s difficulties in your relationship, you’ve got money
worries. They’re much more long-term. There isn’t a clear-cut solution,
and that’s the stress, generally people talk about a lot more. But, stress is
really beneficial, as you said, because it does motivate. We see in media and in cartoons, like, a person twitching their eye, or like, a vein pulsing, but it’s not always
that is it? -No it’s not always really obvious signs like that, so sometimes it
can be things like pains in your stomach, not being able to fall asleep as easily as before,
withdrawing into yourself. Sometimes you would even stop looking after yourself – you
may stop showering, you might wear the same clothes over and over again, and you’re kind of
getting into the territory of burn out there, where your where your demands are
completely exceeding your coping skills so there’s a total lack of balance in your
life. It’s ok, though to use some of those symptoms almost as preventative measures
though, right? So, like, having a day where you maybe don’t get out of bed, and maybe
don’t shower, and give your hair a break. That’s a great excuse, I use way too
often Yeah, you’re not giving in to it all the
time by maybe taking a day for yourself and de-stressing. In fact, that’s one of
those coping skills that I would often use with people: take a day have some fun,
either stay in the house and chill out, maybe with dog, or maybe bring the dog for a walk,
go out and see your friends. Fun really helps break down the feeling. 3Ts have a great self help library for stress, for a pile of other mental health related
topics, right? Yeah, so we do depression and low mood, there’s one about stress, one about anxiety, self harm, and anger. There’s loads there, and not only can you download the guides, but there’s also videos to go alongside them. What about changing the situation, though?
How does that work? So, it’s important not to avoid stress, because we can’t avoid
stresses. It’s part of everybody’s life, but things that you can do to
help change the situation would be things like maybe avoiding people that stress you
out, rather than the situation, start saying no to people. Start saying, “I don’t feel comfortable doing that” or “That causes me a lot of stress”, or even just ask for
help with things that do stress you out, so you’re not taking it all on yourself.
It’s one way you’re changing the situation. We can also try and gain
control over your environment, so try and pick and choose the things that you like
doing, or the things that you’re good at, rather than picking up all the slack. A very extreme reaction to stress, would be suicide. Yes, it would be. Like all mental health issues, suicide could be a possibility, could be one way that somebody chooses to deal
with it. So it’s important to change your reaction to stress, to be aware
that yes, it’s something that does happen in all of our lives, but that sometimes we just
have to adapt to these things. But suicide isn’t always there when somebody is stressed out.
But, if you’re ever concerned, of course remember, know the signs, know the words, and know your supports. And, with being concerned, and with finding those signs,
as we said already, the 3Ts website has this great self help library. All the
information from today’s video are all available along with the self help
library, up on Please make sure to subscribe and stay
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  1. This video is much needed right now. Stressed to the nines planning an event that I also have an emotional connection to and I never know how to switch it off.

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