The Benefits of Online CBT for Social Anxiety

The Benefits of Online CBT for Social Anxiety

The idea for me to do online CBT, I remember one morning I was
sitting in my office and I got a call from one of our support staff who said somebody had canceled
their appointment because they had to wait just so long and they were ready to drive a very long distance to come and see me because there really are very few providers
who provide high fidelity cognitive behavioral therapy that
includes all the different elements of facing fears and changing thoughts, the
whole the the complete protocol. And so people have to drive a great distance to get that kind of
therapy and there is often a long waiting list. And so I remember this one morning where
I got the phone call that somebody canceled because the wait was just too long. It just was very
troubling to me to think, you know, somebody finally gets to
the point of making that phone call, asking for help and reaching out for help,
and then to find out, “oh, I have to wait forever to get that help.” That’s really hard and so I got the phone call that that somebody had just canceled their
appointment because they had to wait so long, it was troubling to them. and I in I sat in a thought, you know,
that there’s a great deal that I do in my office, providing people with
CBT for anxiety problems, that is pretty similar sometimes from one
person to the next. And I thought, you know, I could put the kind of work that I do online
and we could make it available to people
online. I then started researching and looking
into what was out there and lo and behold learned in my literature
review that there’s been a great deal research
that’s been done to help people with CBT using computers,
not always online, but using computers. It’s been done before. But it hasn’t been a bit made available to
to the masses. Often the research has been done in
universities in research settings but then not really put out there, even though it’s
been working in helping people. I saw that, well, much of this is been heavily text-based – lot of reading. I knew a lot of my patients wouldn’t be interested
in doing that much reading. And so it occurred to me very quickly
that we could make it more than just reading. We can make it interactive. People could learn the basic tools CBT
for helping social anxiety or other anxiety problems
and depression. But we want to make it more
interesting. We could add video and we could add
animations and we could add interactivity and that’s really what we’ve worked hard at
doing. Making it engaging with our Learn to Live

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  1. Dr. Russ Morfitt discusses the original seeds for starting Learn To Live. He describes the problems he has seen over the years for people who need help for anxiety and would like to find it, but have difficulty actually accessing evidence-based care, specifically Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

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