The Next Stage of Strength and Rehabilitation

The Next Stage of Strength and Rehabilitation

When looking for the
greatest technological advancements the gym is probably the last place you’d
look. It’s one of those places where there have been a lot of fads but not
many real advances… that is until now. I’m at American Iron in Reno. This is one
of the most hardcore gyms around and home internationally ranked powerlifters bodybuilders and strongmen it’s also the testing-ground
for a new type of fitness equipment that is creating a lot of buzz in the
fitness industry. I was fortunate to have its inventor, John Bird show me his
machine the Electric Weight. We are not registering the machine for you we can just behave as a guest okay
so they’re just exercising we’d be a guest registration you can have up to
four concurrent workout people on machine this is this is the demonstration we’ll
just simply go ahead and go. okay Just exercise and go… And that four thing is the four people is so that you can workout together. Exactly yes and the only difference is you would make would be the cable height
adjustment but generally speaking people set up the workouts – they work out
together they leave it in one place do their exercises move it for the next
exercise and go from there and simply turn on the machine and you’re ready to
exercise. The resistances for both the concentric and eccentric can be individually set but it’s actually set up so that if you drag the resistance mechanisms up
they will track each other. Explain concentric and eccentric, just in
case people don’t know. That’s the up and the down. Exactly right, it’s the muscle shortening
under load which your concentric and lengthening under load which is an
eccentric motion.- perfect – so lifting up and lowering down generally how people would yeah so what we can do is – in layman’s terms – so what we
can do is we can set up a nice easy exercise for you to get the feel of the
machine itself and what we’re looking at is that the machine should behave itself
kind of like a cable machine with noise and that should be the feel of the
machine itself so go ahead and what we’ll do is just have you lift. This will
be a calibration so that we can set up your range of motion on the machine and
if you notice right here the yellow bar is your calibration stroke and then now
the red and generally speaking people overshoot who have never used the machine before will overshoot the first one about to punch myself in the face here in a sec -exactly, so go ahead and lift up the bar go into any position you want you probably want
it to be right about here okay for this curl and then we can simply adjust that and
go ahead and go down and right about there it looks good one
more time it turns green and takes it on down. You
can see why the programmability of this is nice because you do it one time you
save in the machine you never have to do this again. Let’s go ahead and take it all the
way down. This is actually a safety feature in here and we go then back to
the exercise page itself and then from there you can simply go in and exercise
so this would be about a 25 pound curl on a cable machine so go ahead and do
that. You’ll see the screen switch and there you go and we also measure
then the metrics the concentric metric in the eccentric mets are going to be
numbers predicated upon to do a little bit too much there – I’m a weakling. I’m not like you well the nice thing about this is we can
change that, so go ahead and take it on down again. And now what we’ll do is
simply reduce the weight something that’s a little bit more manageable for
you let’s take it down to about 15 – okay and I’m here and we do it one more time
but I want and looking for a feel that’s nice and smooth for you okay it’s just a
regular baseline exercise it’s good there right yeah okay now what
you want to do is track that green line and the reason for that is because the
research has indicated that your greatest strength nap all the way
down greatest strength is going to come from a 1 to 3 second eccentric motion why
is that well we don’t know the why it’s biometrics it’s built into how we are
but this is a study that came out of Florida it indicated that you have a one
to three second time window on the eccentric load if you go faster on you
eccentric you don’t really accomplish anything you like just let you go to the
lake and it should go longer than about three seconds you don’t get stronger but
you do get tired so the timer there is and set up suggestible timers set up to
give you an idea of so a little bit fast on the track there and you didn’t go all
the way down your stroke so we’re maniacally change there’s no cheating
either as John do not you’re not good to do that so now you kind of have a feel
for it you’re pulling up you’re holding that’s really really good so let’s take
it on down all the way we’re going to do now is we’re going to overload the
eccentric side okay so where as you were feeling like that I could hardly lift
Assad that’s gonna be a limiting factor on your exercise itself generally
speaking what happens is people come in they know
before they start to lift they experience a bit of eccentric loading
they have some gains and stuff and after about three to six months they stop
gaining anymore how do i what where i go from there when you can’t unless you
have a way of load loads and eccentric that’s how you get stronger so we’re
going to do is we’re actually gonna need to take it a little bit of struggle on
the 25 coming up I’m gonna head we ratchet and take that up to about 35
going down so when you when you bring it up your beast
do you an apartment when you come up you’re ready for it because it’s gonna
load up and then try and track that green line coming down okay good shot
you know that Oh come on track that line wait you guys oh yeah squeeze squeeze
squeeze there you go now getting it oh yeah and this is awesome you notice that it’s not just your
biceps is being worked it’s your entire core there’s no my stomach is shaking
right now and not a good sign huh okay well it’s a huge benefit on me the
overload training because it forces complete core and body unity and working
out because you have to stop and load and lower that which is an entire body
working I’m used to like I work out with Kaiser which is air is this air or is
this is electromagnetic so you’re actually working against a DC motor and
the trick is to make the DC motor behave like a weight stack would behave so it’s
real-time programmable resistance and this I’m assuming is like also an
opportunity for you to become stronger faster exactly and then rehab is this a
great opportunity for all you we have yeah because what we do is you can feel
in fact go ahead and take it all the way down and we can literally extend this
out if we’re talking about like a rehab scenario where a person can’t hardly
lift but it can can be loaded in the eccentric which is very common and
rehabilitation a lot of times you I’ve stove shoulder surgery or whatever where
the person simply can’t pull in but they can resist being pulled out we can
literally take this down in an extension particularly this / – model all the way
down to one pound coming out so that you’d literally be lifting one pound
plus whatever the weight of that bar which is probably about seven or eight
pounds right down there let me take it down just so you can kind of the feel it
oh wow look at that exactly and it literally falls out because that
pound is exceeding the weight of this right here this glutton puts out and you
can kind of get an idea of it and will retract the cable here and you get a
feel for like a rehabilitation type of an event where we you would pull out and
with your finger and we’ll just do like that one and one in ten okay so just go
ahead and pull out with your finger to be the same stroke that we had set up if
you know how like that just hang out and go ahead and and pull it back in let it
just come back in you’ll notice that it drops right out it will not work finish
your attractions so even with like your finger you can literally in fact go
ahead and move back a little bit a pad and just like like very gently lifted in
and feel that as you’re coming back out once you go in there you go exactly this
is now let’s take it all the way back in and you’ll see by the essential items
that go that what we do then is here by increasing the eccentric loading as 10
pounds 20 pounds what happens is a person under rehab conditions as they
start to feel it is an issue with the muscle is simply that going faster right
there so there’s no going to occur as a function of that low
try it out even a 1 to 20 ratio wow that is really incredible so we’ve had
phenomenal success in rehab everything from like something this extremely light
to people who are in situations where they can’t do squats or deadlifts or
something of that nature I competitors because their hips are or knees or
hurting them we’re actually able to have them go
through the process of what they normally do without the concentric load
build their strength back up with concentric overload or eccentric
overloads and then within about generally about a four to six week
period of time they’re back in doing what they were doing I’m guessing you’re
a weightlifter you had an injury on your you had an injury though correct yeah
but I’m not a weightlifter but you have used machine I use it for gymnastics
okay so yeah my injuries have all stem from gymnastics and I want what’s the
difference between a standard weight or band as opposed to the electric weight
do you use this in together or would this be in replacement of those well
generally speaking what happens is people will start to replace their
Jennifer standard lifting the reason being is because the biggest benefit of
a non injured athlete when they workout on it is they feel so much better in
their joints you start to be able to push the limits of what your
capabilities are people all have a tendency to PR
personal record quite often within I’ve seen PRS on a weekly basis for well
trained athletes that do lifting for myself I use it for what we call
accessory relations with gymnastics particularly ring rings our strength
events and stuff and we can actually configure this so for lifting in that
and that’s exactly what I do so I’m going look like I lift weights but I
actually be gymnastics and I use this to train up strengthen loads in gymnastics
itself well you look fantastic let me tell you I think that for me this is
really just the next stage of rehabilitation and strength training yes
because it seems as though number one your workout seems like it would be
shorter am I correct in that it is shorter the reason being is because
generally when you if you’re lifting a weight let’s say say you’re doing a
50-pound car all you have to have 50 plus pounds to lift the weight up in 50
– pounds to set it down so you’re operating on a plus and minus basis
around 50 this machine here we can obviously we can set up a 50-pound low
lift but a hundred pound lower so instead of your muscle activity lifting
lowering lifting lowering you going lifting lowering lifting lowering so
you’re using a lot more energy so consequently you can’t do the number of
reps for the period of time that you could ever do under standard weight you
simply can’t so generally speaking your workout time is reduced by about 50
percent so if you’re coming in and your gonna do an accessories workout that’s
going to take you an hour we you’ll get it done in about 30 minutes never sweat
as much I’ve never felt like my workout has been as successful as it is on this
that’s exactly found and the heating mechanism of the eccentric load to
figure rolling it down there’s a great amount of people your body’s orbing and
so you tend to sweat a lot you’re also using a lot of energy the very first
muscle fibers that are getting destroyed your own work that use up and can become not to your benefit is going to be the
past to it so it builds your explosion power first or so any type of activity
where you need to be fast sprinting explosion motions for the fighting rain
LSAT this this is a great way to build that type of strength and you so you
have the heating effect of the eccentrics you’re very quickly you
destroy the quick twitch fiber and then you pretty much left then with the sort
which and you get fatigued very rapidly and then you try to go off and do other
accessories it just doesn’t happen so if you’re training any type of activity we
find it in particularly the power lifters that would come in train six
seven days a week sometimes but certainly six days a week we reduced our
workout times by twenty fifteen to twenty hours next John took me to
another electric weight machine that they use for glute-ham exercises in this
exercise a machine controls your descent as you lean forward then it helps you
back up for sports like football where players frequently get hamstring
injuries this machine could be a game changer I might actually get a Kim
Kardashian ass I thought it was not possible finally it’s time for me to get
under some iron and try out the assistant feature this is where it gets
crazy the machine is acting like a robotically
perfect spotter allows me to lower a lot more weight
than I could lift over loading muscles the weight off so I don’t get killed
that is so cool I cannot believe that that’s rad look at
all this weight I’ll show this to my husband good I liked it I honestly like
it’s a totally different workout yes there’s just something my body is even
reacting differently from it’s not a tired feeling it’s my muscles are
fatigued but I’m not exhausted you find it like more activity yes that’s right but you go about your baby
it’s not like you’d like a chair right done because that you know I love
weightlifting but I felt like I was always exhausted afterwards and this I’d
feel more and actually I feel more energized I feel stronger and tighter to
just that the whole body is engaged whereas usually when I was if I were to
do something like this I would just feel like I was dying up here but your whole
body is what’s forcing you to do the lift more I think I could do 155 can you see it
hurry up before it falls down it would be like a I had some spinach this
morning my smoothie all right you ready yep right Wow push it ah is on freakin believable that’s so
unbelievable so I’m telling you John like I don’t I feel like every NFL team
should be talking to you right now they will leave once they get this yeah it’s
a game especially because you were talking to me earlier about speed it
seems like that you could reach that that quick quickness faster with this
yeah and you can see 155 very very nice in crazy eccentric load are unable to stop state then that would
be your central point belly and then we just buy wafers are pushing that point
out and out that equals that point out the concentric strength would this help
someone to this like a sprinter or a runner or okay because it doesn’t
necessarily have to be that you’re big and bulky it can be helped
no it’s primarily collision the we don’t get no I mean there’s a bunch of
questions for like a marathon runners and stuff like that I don’t know what
kind of enemy would be there like a marathon type stuff right I mean
overload anything for the duration time so I can’t really answer that
that’s well football baseball and that hockey anything we have to be quick and
explosive mm-hmm yeah because it’s not just about bulking
up is just about the quickness and the strength that you have for whatever
sport that you’re doing exactly so bodybuilding
I know robots reps 15 20 25 to 30 ground like any weapon one few sometimes
once range bigger right
found body builders are finicky ours so there
they’re getting bigger kind of interesting well it’s funny because at
first I when I heard about you I was like oh this guy’s a bit of a mad
scientist but I think that really it’s not it’s really it is absolute body
science that you’re mastering you’re helping us become stronger faster
rehabilitation is then faster as well it’s just it’s incredible and it also
makes me realize to how amazing the human body is yeah yeah we there’s so
many questions that we’re just starting to scratch the surface on like the kind
of dosage are you looking for what are you looking for what kind of days you
looking for there’s a lot of questions of going to be able to answer because
we’ve got this repeatability this is awesome thank you so much absolutely
this was so cool thank you so much I really appreciate it that was great
we’ll be keeping our eyes on John his electric weight machines and the
athletes and universities who are putting them to the test

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  1. You are a BEAST! I've been working out for decades and never seen anything like what John Bird has created. What an incredible breakthrough in strength training and rehabilitation. 💪🏻 💥

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