The Unicorn Team Added To Simon Sinek || Performance vs. Trust

The Unicorn Team Added To Simon Sinek || Performance vs. Trust

simon Sinek did this talk recently and i
thought it was incredible because it resonated with everything that we do
here and the talk was about finding people in the organization that we want
to attract that are clearly not toxic but clearly are trustworthy and
competent so what I’m going to do is take what he suggested and the Navy
SEALs and then I want to add one thing to it so simon Sinek and then Navy SEALs
talked about this on that on the y-axis here is performance of an employee or a
person performance or confidence so appears at 10 you know like a 5 0 10
being that you’re extremely extremely competent and your performance is
excellent because we’re always talking about performance and engagement and we
always talk about how each day might not be as good as the previous day or much
you know but in long run if you’re trending in the right direction
that’s what matters instead of usually a time interval he talked about trust and
I thought this was really good so down here is trust he talked about the Navy
SEALs one of the most elite teams in the world that obviously you know go out and
conquer all kinds of stuff throughout the world I was thinking like that’s
kind of what we have to do but without the life-or-death stuff so some people
can be highly competent and have real high levels of engagement and
performance and that means they could be here as a 10 but you might have found
that they were only a 1 or so on the trustworthy scale he talks about those
people being toxic so in other words it doesn’t matter how great you are at what
you do if you’re not trustworthy and if you don’t feel like you’re surrounding
yourself with people that are trustworthy then that person’s not only
are they possibly toxic but they’re dangerous you know I mean because
they’re so smart finding someone that’s a 10 on
engagement and competency and somebody that’s a 10 on trust is almost like a
unicorn there they hardly ever exist because everyone
good days and bad days I mean besides Linder and a few other people in this
world that I know there’s hardly any of these like unicorns you know I’m not
saying you’re not when cynic speaks about this he says
that the Navy SEALs would much rather have someone that falls as a 10 on the
trust level but maybe an eighth on the performance level because he said these
are the people they know that the person has your back that they’re consistent
they’re they follow through they deliver what they promise everything that we
talked about and it kind of reminds me of behavior analysis in a way when you
reverse engineer it it’s all about we say something we do it we self-report we
self-report if we’re honest about our self-report on our 15-5 on our report
outs on our on our work outputs then we’re at 10 that means so much more than
being a 10 on performance and a low on the trust Gail it’s easy to spot this
person right here because there’s a lot of people that are tense when it comes
to performance the way he explained it was really funny I’ll never say it isn’t
well as he did but he said something all you gotta do is go in the room ask
around who makes the most money but who’s the biggest asshole you start
thinking about relationships in the same way it would be so much better to have
someone that say 1/8 incompetency but a tenant trusts because that’s the person
that you know will follow through what they say when they give some kind of
antecedent like a rule or a strategy or suggestion or where they lay out a goal
you know they’re serious about it and you know that they’re gonna follow
through with it in a lot of ways this whole team right
here when we all trust each other 100% because we know that someone’s out we’re
covering for them and making sure that we have their back or we know that we’re
going to make sure we take care of that person’s vulnerabilities I know that we
often our selves like a puzzle you know how
like someone has a really awesome strength in one area and another person
has a gap in that area but that same person has a strength in another area
and like a puzzle we all kind of come together although there’s hardly any
unicorns that are a 10 on the trust scale and and attend on competency
engagement and just rock stars it’s very hard to find this team right here
whenever we come together when everyone reports out the thing that they’re
working on and then we see how it contributes to the big picture and then
you pick up or someone else’s vulnerability is and that person picks
up where your vulnerability is and then we’re just a rock star team that creates
our organization like one big unicorn like if they can just be on a ten and
anywhere along here that stuff this stuff doesn’t matter I don’t think about
the company’s level because if you all work together you end up creating this
unicorn level so the people that you surround yourself with if we all know
that one of us is out the other person covers and doesn’t make a big deal about
it and it has each other’s back of it I mean to me that’s just like Nirvana is
that it work or is that a group Locker okay

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  1. i've never seen the Simon Sinek video but it sounds interesting. I think explaining the concept of a team being different pieces of the same puzzle makes so much sense. I definitely agree that combining people with different strengths and weakness overall makes for an amazing team in both, professionally and personally.

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