Things To Do When You Have Depression

Things To Do When You Have Depression

(marker scratching) (electronic game chime) Okay, so you know
when you are a very depressed individual
and you’re going through that moment of the year
when your depression is just skyrocketing
and you hate yourself and everything for like
two weeks straight? That would be me. A lot of depression, a lot of stress, my brain has been
completely clogged, blocked, for a couple weeks now and, nothing seemed to be working. I feel like I’m a little
bit better right now, but not completely. And it didn’t help that
the first time I tried to film this video, it was
completely out of focus, which, mmm. But with that being said,
I guess for this video, I wanna talk about, five
things I like to attempt to do to try to attempt some relief. Now, I’m not gonna say that
this is gonna work 100%. Because, there is no guarantee. Some other stuff I actually tried to do, already did, didn’t really work. But, I try, and I’m not gonna say that you need to do these things because, it just doesn’t work. You can’t tell a depressed
person to go outside and expect that to fix. That’s a different video, but. But I’m going to talk about this to attempt to get my feelings out about things, so let’s go. One. Cleaning myself up a little bit. I finally showered,
after a couple of days. Now this is mostly
because I went to the gym this morning, and thus I
got dirtier and smellier, so I needed to go take a
shower, like an actual shower. Not just freshen up a little bit and then be done with it. Like actually shower. And I feel alright. Except I’m under two lights right now and it’s going to make me sweat a lot. So, hm. Okay. Such is YouTube life. Welcome. Now to kick it up a notch, I could pamper myself. I could actually fix my nails, my nail polish, or do a face mask. I have lots of sheet masks that I bought, but I haven’t actually
used, because I’m lazy. We’ll see how that goes today. I’m not quite sure. But speaking of going
to the gym this morning, the gym helps sometimes. Basically all of this is sometimes, but. Cardio, does not work. Like a lot of people like to run to clear their minds. For me, cardio does not work. In fact, I actually hate cardio more. Like I either just walk
on a treadmill because I cannot run on the treadmill. It makes my leg very, very itchy. So, no thank you. And the elliptical I cannot stand. So, it just, cardio, just
makes me hate it more. But I like to work on
the strength machines. Because then I feel like
I’m getting stronger and I feel strong. Like I’m getting some muscles. Right now I barely have any muscles. I can lift a lot of heavier things now, but I, but they’re not showin, so, okay. I don’t know, it makes me
feel like I can get stronger, and then I could be Buffy
or something and like punch bad guys, I don’t know. Anything to make
you feel better, right? So that was number two. And now we’re gonna
move on to number three. Which is yell at things, slash, people. And I don’t mean like
actually go up to a person and yell at them, scream at their face. Don’t do that. Don’t scream into their
faces, that’s wrong. But, it’s a perfect time
for me to go into my car, drive anywhere. Mostly on an interstate,
because that’s the perfect time, perfect place to have road rage. I have a lot of anger
management issues, I really do. So, this is helpful,
to get my feelings out. (laughing) To just yell at things. Like when Susan in front of me is going 45 on the left side of
the interstate, which is what you’re not suppose to do. Get out of the left lane
if you’re gonna be slow. So I just like to yell at them. I try to be as inconspicuous as possible when doing this. I don’t think most people
really pay attention anyways. But, you know, I just
like, like to yell at them. If you have terrible driving skills, or really no skills at all, I’m just gonna like, yell. Or I might just yell a bunch
of obscenities, regardless. Like it’s just the perfect
time to like just scream, your lungs out. Just to get that out of your body. You know in those coming-
of-age movies or whatever, where you go up
to the top of the hill and then you just shout? That’s me, but in my car. Cause I don’t wanna go up a hill, ever. And as far as things go, you know, just, if you, if I smash my toe into
something, which I do quite often now for some reason. Yell at it, bang my
head against something, hand, or sometimes head. Yell at it. Like this wall, right here. Actually it’s a door, but okay. Yell at it. Four. Watch horror films or
crime shows, on television, or crime movies, I guess. Because knowing the victim’s fate, always makes me feel better. That is a terrible thing to say, but it does. It makes me feel a little bit better, to know that these fictional
characters have it worse, than me. I feel bad for ’em, but the
evil part of me likes it. Because I’m trying to feel
better, so, you know, okay. So I’m sorry Jessica, but if, an axe murderer, an axe mass, masked murderer is coming after you and
you run up the stairs instead of somewhere else
that is not up the stairs, where there is no exit. I’m gonna laugh. I’ve done that for years, and
I’m still gonna do it today. Just like when I watched CSI Miami. Well, I’m glad I’m not
that person, you know, with their head, chopped
off next to a pool wearing pearls and fancy dresses. I don’t know, I’m just
making up a scene. Yeah, I’m terrible. I’m a terrible person. Yeah. But I feel better. Now on the opposite side of that, watching cute things. Number five. Is it number five? I think it’s number five. I don’t remember my numbers anymore. So, cute, happy things
when you’re kind of over the horror mood or if you’re not even in a horror mood at all. Sometimes I’m not in a horror mood, I just want to watch happiness. So, stuff like Pokémon, Sailor Moon. Stuff that reminds me of the only good part of my childhood. You know Pikachu was
adorable, Eevee is adorable. Sailor Moon, Usagi is
all about the positivity and love and you know stuff, friendship. And it’s just so nice to watch. In fact, I kinda wanna watch the R movie. If I can find that somewhere,
I wanna watch the movie. I wanna catch up on the movies again. Maybe. Yeah. Or Asian dramas. Like, Taiwanese rom-com dramas. Those are my favorite to
watch when I want something happier, or funny. Japanese dramas, I like, but I typically go for
more the thriller stuff when it comes to watching
Japanese dramas, which is the opposite
of happy and cute, so. I think that’s pretty much it. There’s some small stuff,
like eating my favorite food, or my favorite coffee,
which I did do today, this morning. I went to Starbucks, got
a Venti Doubleshot on ice with coconut milk. And it was good, it was great. I loved it. I’m surprised they still have it. But I’m happy about that, because it made me happy to drink it. And I made vegan
mac and cheese by myself, which was great. It actually tasted really good. Better than I expected. And today, I’m likely
gonna have a burrito bowl. That’s actually all I have for food, is burrito bowl stuff, so. It’s like my favorite
thing in the world anyway. So if you have things
that you like to do to attempt to perk
yourself up a little bit, it doesn’t cure everything, obviously, I know from experience, obviously, it doesn’t cure things. But at least like,
if this is our mood now, at least it goes up like
this a little bit, maybe. Five minutes of happiness, you know. So if you got any of that stuff, leave them down in the comments. If you wanna follow me on
all of my social media, links to that will be down below. If you want to help my
content via Patreon or ko-fi links to both of those
will be down below as well. I upload every Monday and Thursday unless otherwise stated. And I will see you later. Bye.

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  1. Your video was published two years ago but I came across it today. I felt like talking with a true human being. Being a person with depression, being able to view this video was timely.

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