it as a fact in fact they're not only will come a time when you will be charged money in exchange for access to your own things or in other words things that you may have spent years creating like art or material content whether that be graphic compositionally either through writing or painting sculpting in some way in a digital frame in a digital world and because you can paint a picture and have it hanging on your wall you have access to it or you can sell it and then you give up access to it except that your name is attached to it as the originator of that arch the originator of that back art in other words the artists are the creator of whatever that thing is but your think and then you have access to that either because you have it or you sell it and that then you have access to it at the pleasure and our leisure Ellie is you are e all lowercase but the pleasure and or a little easier of the person that you sell it to in other words the person that that thing now it is belonging to or the thing now belongs to that person as a certain fact there will come a day when anything like that that's on the internet when you make it you create it you will have access to it only if you buy it from whoever it is it has it on the internet and that's already here today so it's not only in the world of the future it's now it's not only in the world of a future it's now the world of the future is now we're living in the world of the future people the world of the future is now


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