Top tips for dealing with depression

Top tips for dealing with depression

People with depression have an excessive focus
on the negative aspects of their life and they do not think about the positive aspects.
Cognitive behaviour therapy helps people focus on the positives in the life and stop cognitive
distortions. This takes people through various exercises. They begin to understand that things
are not as negative as the depression makes them think they are. Medication is also an
important aspect of treatment. People with moderate to severe depression and people with
severe depression will benefit from medications. Modern medications have fewer adverse effects,
are not addictive and help improve the quality of the lives of people with depression. This
means that people are in a better position to use cognitive behaviour therapy to try
and deal with the core symptoms of their depression and try to rid the underlying causes. So my
top tips for depression would be to use a combination of cognitive behaviour therapy
and medication.

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  1. nice video, just sharing though, one of the best way to fight depression is exercise which can encourage your brain to rewire itself, it also boosts feel-good chemicals called endorphins

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