Trans Surgery Critical to Mental Health – “Removing My Breasts Saved My Life”

Trans Surgery Critical to Mental Health – “Removing My Breasts Saved My Life”

I felt immediately better like that the
morning I woke up from from my surgery even though I was sick as a dog and like
bandaged up and everything was you know gross and painful and I just I I knew
what the next step was I knew that I had finally done this thing that I really
needed to do for myself which was to have a pretty major surgery and I was
just really excited about the next steps just immediately feeling my flat chest
of not feel not feeling breasts anymore was was absolutely life-saving it was a
big decision I and but it wasn’t at the same time I always not always but I knew
that it was something that I was going to do and that I needed to do I pushed
it off for a long time so I always knew that it was a step that I needed to take
and I wanted to I was definitely scared to do it
now that I have done it I wish I had have done it earlier I wish I had done
it sooner in my life the type of procedure that I had is
technically a double mastectomy with nipple grafts yeah so nipple grafts oh
so literally after they remove your chest or before I don’t know I was
asleep for this but they they cut out your nipples only take them away and
then they they cut them down to size to a more masculine nipple shape and size
and and then they cut that apart so and then they they put it all back together
and then they sew it back on your chest when they’re ready to and so that’s the
nipple graft part there’s the risk that your nipples don’t stay attached that
the graph doesn’t take and so I was really worried about that it’s really
scared my nipples would follow up yeah they’re there they’re both there they’re
attached firmly I’m not gonna lose them so I’m very happy about that it was really really painful your body
goes through an intense amount of trauma it’s a pretty major surgery you wear a
lot of binding sort of bandages around your chest and then if you have the type
of surgery that I did where you have nipple grafts you also have that so for
the first week or so and this is the part where like you’re nervous
and hoping that your nipples stay attached to your body you have these
sort of sponges in all this tape the tape along was so painful oh my god
there’s so much tape on me and to take it off was so painful not that that’s
the biggest that was the biggest challenge but I just I do remember all
the tape coming off and trying not to cry did you feel any regret and at any
point when the pain was so excruciating you think why the fuck did I just do
this no I never had a regret I never even in the most painful times even when
yes showering was was so difficult I definitely had times where I felt
exhausted frustrated angry but I never had a regret because I knew what was
going like I knew that I had done it I knew all of the things that I had to
look forward to in my life and anytime that it felt hard for me
all I had to do was look down and see a flat chest and and I knew like there
were no regrets I as much as I was in pain physically I just remember being
elated like like absolutely ecstatic like so happy at the same time like I
wanted to dance but I couldn’t because it was too painful so I was dancing in
my head but I just yeah it was it’s not something that I regretted for a second hey everybody I hope you liked that
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