What a Bipolar Depressive Episode Feels Like Response

What a Bipolar Depressive Episode Feels Like Response

Hey guys, it’s Hannah. I’m so excited because my girl, Liana, shared another response video with me pertaining to my recent video about my depressive episodes. She’s so honest. And she gives words of encouragement. And I think it’s going to show you how everybody struggles in their own different way. Thanks Liana! You’re the best. Hi Hannah. I am doing a response video to your video about what it’s like to be in a major depressive episode when you have bipolar 2 disorder. So I also have bipolar 2 disorder. And I find that when I’m in a depressive episode, I can’t do anything. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to see my
friends. I don’t want to reach out because I feel like I’m a burden to other people; which makes it really hard when I’m having suicidal thoughts. But that’s what therapy and medication is for. So I feel a little bit better when I utilize those tools. I don’t have a 5-day rule like you have because for some reason I’m able to do the things that I absolutely have to, like going to school and work. But I think that’s just part of who I am. If I have to be somewhere, I’ll get there. But if I don’t have to be somewhere, like plans with friends or going out with my boyfriend or something like that, I’ll just stay in bed for days. There was one time where I stayed in bed for weeks. So it’s really hard to be in a depressive episode and I feel your pain. But even though it never truly gets better and you always have to go through it, at least the depressive episodes don’t last forever. And even if they’re going to come back, at least they go away for a little while. So I hope you feel better. Thank you so much for listening. Bye.

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  1. They say that depressives are natural empaths : they take on the pain of the world and others suck it up like a sponge just food for thought.

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