Yoga For Teens To Help You Manage School stress

Yoga For Teens To Help You Manage School stress

and welcome to yoga for teens to help you manage school stress now whether you’re experiencing pressure from school home relationships or just the pressure of body changes then this is the ideal place for you it doesn’t matter what age you are you don’t have to be an acrobat a dancer or super flexible there’s something in this class for everybody now if you like what you see please like and subscribe to Tabitha yoga okay so yoga can provide you with a ton of positive ways of dealing with life’s challenges first of all and probably the bit I like most is the self-care part of yoga it teaches you to really look after yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself possible also another amazing thing is it teaches you to learn to accept yourself accept yourself in all you know the things that you do that are crazy or the things that you do that are often silly all the amazing things that you could do that someone might criticize it teaches you to accept yourself for who you are and to discover really your own superpower and that’s a lovely way to think about your attributes your own superpower and that can be on the yoga mat that can be maybe you can you’re awesome at touching your toes or you can do the best headstand whatever it is that’s your superpower on the mat and so yoga isn’t always about the postures we do breathing techniques and I teach you ways of really settling yourself in times of anxiety so maybe approaching a exam whatever it is dance maths it doesn’t have to be anything academic it could be going out on a date or just going into town on your own on the bus for the first time you know it’s just with those stressful situations in the best way possible so what I’d like you to think is a little mantra for yourself and one that I really love to use with my teenage kids is you are you and you are awesome and that’s what I like to kind of before they kind of leave the door get them to ground to steady their feet to stand proud like they really owned this space and you are you and you are awesome and I’d like you to maybe have your own mantra maybe you’ve got your own but I think that ones are really nice basic straightforward feel good with all your limitations and all your wonders okay so let’s get moving now I’ve created a little plan a yoga session for you then I would like you to learn and use whatever you need to so maybe you want to put on your favorite music the radio whatever you love to listen to or maybe silence whatever it is that you choose whatever kind of a person you are and settle into the practice and practice it whenever you get a little bit of free time a little bit of silence and a little bit of drawing yourself in is so good for you so take a breath in bring your arms up good reach down through the feet or root down through the feet reach up through your arms and push away good you’re gonna do that again reaching up standing nice and tall push away so your arms are strong and you’re gonna take an arm back follow it and come back and reach back and come back take both arms back do a back bend and then collapse down come all the way back up and push away good breath in reach back breath out breath in and out both arms biggest breath you’ve taken all day go drop down in West good push away strong arms breath in breath out and out both arms up reach up good drop down one more time through reach up push your hands down inhale follow your hand gentle twist inhale exhale breath in open lift your heart back bend and come all the way back up hold your arms up soften your shoulders and sit down in chair pose now these are quite challenging poses so sitting right down you notice I’m coming down into a kind of a squat bottom down lift your arms hold it here and then drawing your elbows behind you and squeezing up and then take your hands to the floor straighten your legs doesn’t matter if you’re here maybe you’re here it doesn’t matter where you are and take a nice deep breath in and out as you get a little bit soft doing a little bit deeper rolling up come all the way up take your arms back up inhale exhale again breath in come up breath out inhale come up and relax your arms down by your sides and you’re going to take wider legs this time turning your toes out relax your shoulders bring your hands to your heart take a moment to settle now and again breath in breath out nobody bring your arms up take a little side swing inhale up exhale down inhale soften your knees and you’re going to do a little round-the-world stretch come up and go the other way as well it makes you a little bit wobbly go back down good and go the other way you release down so from here you’re going to just even Bend from one knee to the other and you might find you get a little cracking your hips of your pop and that’s just release of energy so often we carry a lot of stress in our hips and it affects the way we walk so these lovely stretches just reduce release any tension so go with it and have a play with it be creative learn to love to move so no one’s watching so you can add bits moving freely and if you don’t enjoy creative movement then you know you can just come down deep and stretch nicely bring your hand down now and take a hand up and do the same on the other side and you’re just bouncing lightly from one side to the other and then coming to the center taking a breath in and then bringing your hands down to the floor and you can be as wide as you want in the legs and you can only improve on your flexibility in your hips so you know have a little wiggle in your hips shifting your head side to side bring your head and forearms down or maybe it’s just your hands down wherever you are enjoy the stretch maybe having a little rock or maybe finding stillness and as you take a breath then you’re going to come up just a little little breath in and breath out come down again breath in lift and press it out down and then one final time lifting lifting all the way and then enjoy a stretch down and then we’re going to pivot and come into a nice deep lunge so let your hips sink sink down nice and deep kids and bringing your hand down to the floor dropping your straight leg dropping it down and take your arm up good bring yourself back to the center and other side reach up hold it let that leg really stretch and bring your hands down this front leg is going to go all the way up three point down dog push into your hands lift your leg circle out in your heel and love that stretch bend your knee and jump through so that might not happen first time you might come here bring your foot here sink in your hips bring your arms up warrior one and find your focus these are challenging postures but dealing with these challenging postures on your mat enables you to deal with challenges off for that builds up your stamina good coming into Warrior 2 and reach out feel strong you know you are in a warrior you are awesome you are you mules settle reverse your warrior into peaceful worrier come all the way up and then straighten your leg and cartwheel your arms forward resting over your front leg this front leg is going to kick all the way back again bring it all the way up this is a little awesome stretch and your knee and then take it underneath adjust your clothes and reach up enjoy that falling star he lifts your heart and then your knee is going to leg is going to come all the way back up again through each up bend your knees and here we are in Pigeon great hip release again but this time you’re not just gonna work on your hips you’re gonna welcome your shoulders so you’re gonna roll your shoulders in and roll them out roll them in and roll them out and again roll them in roll out lift your heart lovely back and draw your chin to your chest and from here down dog stretch out and step through bring yourself into wide forward fold and then we’re going to make the transition to the other side come back to end up and nice thinking your hips hold it here dropping your head to the side you’re looking behind you and then taking your arm up pushing into the floor reaching up and then stopping nice open good explore through your body gonna bring your hands to the floor again toke held under behind you and bring your arms up soft shoulders reach up good take yourself into warrior two feeling strong rip down through your feet feel connected through the earth stand strong powerful peaceful warrior take your hand behind you reach back looking at your back toe practicing some softening cartwheeling those arms up to face the front and soften it soften over your front leg and then that front leg is gonna come all the way up through a point down dog reeling deeply take the knee underneath extend away and lift your heart good take yourself back then it comes all the way up and you’ll need and here we are in Pigeon settle in the hips just feel nice and rooted safe lifting your heart and you know it doesn’t matter where your body is you often might really lift it up off the ground put your cushion under your bum to support you you don’t have to get there first straightaway you can allow your body to soften and then you’re gonna warm up your shoulders coming down rolling back up rolling down rolling back up remove your block will cushion and this front leg we’re gonna take you all the way back up again three-point down dog bend your knee wide legs good wide wide wide wide wide have your hands behind you and drop your bottom bring it in bring yourself into cross legs just for a moment allow your hips to settle and bring your hands to your heart and then hand to your belly and just notice how your breath is just notice how the energy in your body is you should have a lovely fist of prana in yoga we call it and that’s a subtle energy when your body is cleanse through the chakras which we get through practicing yoga then you unblock all tension or negative energy in your body and so the energy can flow free and that’s what you’re feeling right now that’s subtle fish through the tips of your toes to the tip of your nose and just notice your breath breathing in from your belly to your heart and your heart to your belly breathing in deeply heart to Betty Betty to heart and follow the pathway of your breath and this really seconds your body and it’s still you find yourself caught out in natural situations then a lovely way of using your breakfast to count your breath and really focus on slowing down your breathing so breathing in one breathing out – breathing in three breathing out four and when your mind gets then caught up in the thing that’s worrying you you bring yourself back to one and start all over again my dearly reaching for the magic ten once you get to ten then bring yourself back so it’s a good little practice you’ll focus is ten but doesn’t matter if you don’t get there if you get to three you bring yourself back to one so follow the path of your worth and allow your body to second belly to heart and then just finally you know have a little go coming into half Lotus pose bringing your foot close up manhandle now some of you might be brilliant at this I’m not it doesn’t matter I’m coming into half Lotus now how do you foot and bring it up to your hip and sit up tall and then you’re gonna take a twist looking over your shoulder and then bringing the hand in front and drawing you’ll tummy in and rounding your back and maybe have a little sway and then coming up nice and tall and twisting to the other side looking over your shoulder nobody coming back to the center final twist the leg that’s on the thigh you take your hand all the way around and see if it can grab hold of your toes and then twist even looking over then they’re coming back to the center unravel and swap sites bring your foot up and take a twist and a twist the other way let me take your hand all the way around your backk see if you could grab hold of the foot and twist good breathing in and breathing out twist lovely unraveling unraveling your feet rooting down through your hips and rest your fingertips beside you take a deep breath in and bring your hands all the way to your heart just resting your thumbs on your heart close your eyes and saying to yourself I have me and I am awesome hope you’ve enjoyed practicing a little bit of self care namaste

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  1. School life can throw many challenges at you when you are in your teens – whether it’s pressures of schoolwork, friendships or your ever changing body, these can make you feel anxious or stressed . So this class is just for you, so you can take some time out, chill and steady yourself so you can boost your inner self and feel confident in all that you do 💕🌸🙏🏻

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